1 1 Malfunction

Star-Date 410-564-913 A.E.

Solar Station 5.Z01E

On a minuscule corner of the vast universe, there was a small stellar station that covered up the entire local star. It was a highly advanced model of the Matrioshka Brain, which is basically multiple dyson spheres on top of each other which has an immensely large computational ability. This stellar machine allows for the simulation of countless 'realities' and 'universes' for research purposes of an advanced civilization.

This was just one of the many trillion-billions stellar stations of varying sizes employed by the Type V Civilization called "The Ones." A civilization capable of bending the laws of physics and was on the verge of discovering time travel. They have ascended beyond the limits of 3 dimensional space and are on the verge of reaching the Type VI Civilization, which can control and manipulate 'actual' multiple realities and universes. These beings were simulating multiple of these "realities" in preparation for their ascension to learn the ins-and-outs of this power.

It was a normal day for the solar station 5.Z01E. There was nothing unusual going on this station what with the Artificial Intelligence machines keeping watch and operating the entire station at maximum efficiency. All the needs of its living crew and passengers were being provided through high-speed transport tubes running across the entire station. Advanced Bio-Fluids were flowing through such tubes to provide sustenance for its crew and passengers.

In cases of emergency or situations that require urgent responses, the station is even capable of using an almost instantaneous movement array to deliver any advanced materials on board the station to wherever it is currently needed.

On this specific station was where the entire human race was residing in a semi-cryogenized state, with each and every person having their own "game cabin." The reality that humanity knows is all simulated, the objects a person observes and interacts with are all just a combination of ones, zeroes, and a superposition of both.

The blue skies and white clouds, the ocean waves crashing into the beach, all of nature and its beauty were all unreal and fake. The only real thing about this world was that every human being one interacts with is an actual person, which their own personalities and unique traits, just living in another game cabin.

David Langley, a normal university student, was in one such game cabin. He was an average boy just living his life unknowing that he is living a simulated reality, a virtual game. He has always lived his life by the day and has always felt very solemn about everything.

When he was just a child, he lost both of his parents in a fire that occured at a restaurant during their anniversary. After the funeral, he was orphaned by his close relatives, which at the time he did not know that his parents had a complicated relationship with the rest of his relatives.

During his time at the orphanage, he was also ostracised by his peers and even the staff distanced themselves from him. David wasn't a bad kid nor was he unpleasant looking. He had a less than average height for his age with a fair skin tone, hazelnut coloured eyes and and hair. By no means unusual; however, it was his outward image that turned people away from him.

He carried a 'gloomy' and 'dark' look wherever he went which was mainly why others were put off from him. With no parents and relatives to support him as well as having no friends nor any adult to guide him, Dave continued to grow up to be a quiet and lonely kid, which made others distance themselves from him. A negative cycle which repeated itself over and over.

It was in this kind of life that he developed a strong, resilient, and very self-sufficient character and mindset. He studied every day and tried to learn as much skill and talents he can, learned all that he can about humanity and its achievements, both good and bad. But no matter how strong one is mentally and physically, there will always be a limit to it.


May 21, 20XX

University of Engineering

It was a normal and unexciting day, waking up early for my morning work then heading off to my afternoon to evening classes. After which, it will be time for my second job which lasts throughout the evening before heading home to my single bedroom apartment.

I was on my way home staring out into the bustling nightlife of the city, taking the local train as usual. It was in such a situation that made me think deeply about my life; the troubles I've faced before, how it's affecting me now and the problems I still face..

'I have always tried to take any situation lightly, as I have grown up doing so. It has always worked in keeping me out of the limelight and unnecessary troubles.'

'However, this past week has been very unusual. I've been hearing more and more comments pointing my way. At first I simply brushed of their rude comments and the gossips about me.'

It was either 'look at this weirdo' or 'We better stay away from this garbage' and other demeaning comments.

Although I have been adult for a while now, I still haven't figured out what I want to do with my life. Do I continue my education? Do I just get a normal job that can let me pay the bills? Or do I just end this suffering early?

There have been numerous times when I've contemplated about leaving this life early but I've always thought back to how my parents wouldn't have wanted me doing such acts, and so I resisted the urge and pressed on.

I turned to my hobbies of reading. I always found the evolution of humanity very interesting. From the time we first created fire and made use of it, to the creation use of stone tools which then became bronze and then finally iron. All the way to the industrial revolution which allowed humanity to create mass produced items and to what is now the modern era.

Reading novels and books or playing video games about any building games has also been my favourite hobby. Creating my own village then watching as it prospers and begins to turn it into an empire. I dream of being able to do such things and achieve my desire of giving my all into building a utopian society.

However, fate has always been cruel. Even when I was down, it still took away more from me. It was during my ride home when I died, probably along with most if not all the passengers on the train. I was unable to achieve anything in life and dying namelessly.

'Is this how I will end? No family or friends. Large debts to pay. Leaving no mark in society? How cruel can fate be?'

And that is how one David Langley, died.


Star-Date 410-564-913 A.E.

Solar Station 5.Z01E

Back on stellar station 5.Z01E, there were two beings conversing telepathically with one another and were trying to solve the problem ahead of them. It was normal day when all of a sudden there were multiple errors flashing on their hologram consoles.

According to the data from their consoles, there were multiple game cabins malfunctioning due to a sudden solar storm from the star that their station was surrounding. It damaged all of their old technologies which led to a chain of events that caused many of the game cabins in operation to malfunction.

The game cabins which were connected to the simulated reality of Earth were programmed such that in the event where their cabins would be unexpectedly go offline, the A.I. would automatically 'kill' them in the virtual world of Earth. There were over 100,000 game cabins that malfunctioned, including the game cabin of one David Langley. This meant that there were over a hundred thousand people who 'died' simultaneously on Earth.

[What shall be done now?] questions the first being.

[This is an unprecedented situation that has no similar occurrences before. I propose reporting the situation to ----] replied the second being.

[I concur.] Sends the report about the malfunction. [Might I suggest we discuss the predicament of the 100,000 humans next?] said the first being.

[We shall.] replied the second being.

[We will transport them into reality omega and conduct the test A113 on them with haste.] intervened by the being known as ----

[Yes, of course. What a marvellous idea.] said first being.

[Initiating. Perhaps simulating conversation protocol 1G-5S is also an idea?] asked second being to ----

[Affirmative.] answered ----

And with that, the fate of the 100 thousand humans who "died" is now decided and they were all about to face a harsher reality all because of a few words from an unknown being.



'Wh-Where am I? Why is everything so dark? Are those voices I'm hearing? Wh-Whose are they?' All these thoughts popped into my head as I tried to make sense of my current situation.

All of a sudden, I heard multiple screams.

"Ahhh!!!" (High-Pitched)

"Ahhh!!!" (Low-Pitched)

"Stay away!!"

"What is happening?!"

I was frightened by the multiple screams and wails, wondering what caused those people to be fearful. The screams were now getting louder and louder as more people start screaming and it was getting closer.

Then, I saw what made them afraid...

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