1 Chapter 1

12 years ago,

"Reina, don't forget to say goodbye to your grandfather before you leave."

The purple haired little girl ran cheerfully to the room where her grandfather is. She opened the door slowly and approached her grandfather.

"Grandpops! I'm leaving now, see you later!"

"Little Reina, you're such a sweet girl. Have a great time in the factory and tell me everything once you're back."

"Alright! Bye bye, grandpops!"

Her Grandfather land a kiss on her forehead and the little girl left the room with a smile. Her mother's waiting for her at the door and she held Reina's hand.

"Are you ready?"


"Let's go."

Both of them get into the car and the driver took them to the factory. Reina, 10 years old, is the only child from the Cardaisseau family who runs the Cardaisseau Company, the biggest toy company. Reina Cardaisseau is the Heiress and the successor of the company and since she's 6 years old, her mother, the current CEO and owner of Cardaisseau, already taught her the basic of how to run a successful company and everything that she need to know about her family business. Besides being a mother and CEO, Reina's mother, Karen Cardaisseau is a very popular gambler. She's known as the Queen of Gamble since she never lost any game. When Reina is 8 years old, Karen taught her how to play Blackjack. It's the first game that Reina learnt and she showed great interest in gambling. Karen believes she could be the next Queen of Gamble just like her.

After 10 minutes ride from the family manor, they arrived at the toy factory owned by Karen Cardaisseau. The employee opened the door for them and Karen guide Reina into the factory. It's her first time visiting the factory and all this time she thought that it's not so big but in fact, it's the biggest toy factory in the whole country.

"Whoa! It's so big, mommy!" Reina exclaimed.

"Yes, my dear. One day, you will replace my position as the owner of the company and you must visit this place often."

Karen brought Reina to her office and asked her to sit on the sofa. One of the employees walked into the room and brought the weekly report to her. Reina, is a curious girl, so she walked out from the office and explore the factory all by herself. She saw how the machines works and someone approached her.

"You must be Reina, right?"

"Yes and who might you be, miss?"

"I'm Misaki, your mother's personal assistant. Can I be your guide for today?"

"Did my mother send you?"

"Yes. Now, shall we explore the toy factory?"

Misaki extended her hand and a cheerful smile appeared on Reina's face as she took Misaki's hand and they walked around the company.

The assistant took Reina to the card section where they made playing cards and she took one deck of card from the box and gave it to Reina.

"Here, a small gift from me."

"Whoa! Thank you so much! But. . . is that okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"You took it from the box and gave it to me, I mean, this supposed to go into the box then distributed to local shops and casinos."

Misaki giggled hearing her respond, "It's okay, keep it a secret, OK?"

Reina looked puzzled but she nodded slightly. She opened the deck and took out a joker card. The card is covered in gold plate and it's the most expensive card that the factory made.

"Is this real gold?"

"Yes. 24 carat gold card and it's real gold. That's why they call this deck the Golden Deck. It's the most expensive playing card that's ever been made."

"Are you sure that this is a present for me?"

"I'm sure, miss. Please, accept it."

All of sudden, Misaki's phone rang and it's a call from Karen.

"Alright, Ma'am. Yes."

Reina tilted her head and at the same time she's curious about the phone call. Perhaps her mother's calling her and it's time to go home.

"Now, Reina. Your mother is calling us and I think our tour is over. Such a pleasure meeting the heiress of the company and I'll take you back to your mother."

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"It's over? That's too bad. I want to explore more."

"One day, when you're the next owner, you have a whole day to explore the company."

Misaki took Reina's hand and they walked back to Karen's office. Karen has been waiting for them and she smiled warmly to her daughter. Karen hugged Reina and ruffled her hair.

"Did you have fun?"

"Yes, mother. Is it time for us to go home?"

"Yes, Reina. We will visit the factory again in the future so don't be sad, ok? And Misaki, I'll see you tomorrow for the meeting."

They walked outside the factory and get in the car. Reina waved to Misaki and they head back to the family manor. Tomorrow is the day for the meeting but Karen never showed up at the factory. Misaki waited for her all day but until midnight, Karen is nowhere to be seen.

The day when they visit the company was the worst day in Reina's life. It's supposed to be the best day in her life when she got a chance to see the family's factory but that day, that evening is the day where the tragedy happen and Reina will never ever forget what happened that day, what she saw that night and she will never forget the eye and the look of the person who caused the bloody tragedy of the Cardaisseau family. Now, Reina Cardaisseau, is the owner of the company and the thing that she want in her life is not wealth or gold or authority. It's revenge and justice for her family. Revenge for the bloody tragedy that occurred in the family manor and she won't stop until she get what she wants.

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