1 Skylar Waves

~August 24~

I run towards the ocean. I jump, landing with a splash in the water and a laugh explodes out of my mouth. Man does this feel good. I turn around, falling down on the sand. Standing up, I look at my feet squishing in the sand. Staring out at the ocean, I feel complete.

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Blinking slowly, my eyes wake up. It was just a dream. It is always just. a. dream.


Stupid thing. I pick up my pillow and throw it at the alarm clock.


Finally. I turn over to try to go back to sleep.

"SKYE GET UP" says a voice from the floor below. Sighing I get up very s l o w l y.

Walking to the bathroom, I pass my calendar. I glance at the date with a HUGE red circle around it. Then, just like earlier when I hit the clock, the realization hits me. Today is THAT day. The day I have been waiting for all summer.

Today is the first day of Sophomore Year.

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