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I only saw the immense darkness that surrounded me again I stretched out my hands to see only one hand.

"ho darkness we meet again."- I said it while my only eye filled with tears.

"everything I lost everything I have nothing anymore."- I said it as I shrink as much as I can.

I felt a hand touch my cheek.

I looked up to see someone in front of me.

Her long white hair covering her back her olive colored eyes her snow white skin on her head she has an orange colored aurolia while on her back she has two small wings that look like they are made of metal her small lips with her wide hips her D cup breasts with a height of two meters.

"How are you my lord, are you ready to break the ticket."- She said it in a melodious tone.

"Who are you?"- I asked looking at her.

? : "You don't remember me, my lord."

"Helpi"- I said it looking at her she just nodded while showing me a soft smile.

Richard: "So you have a body, I thought you might be something."

Helpi: "well I never wondered if I had a body."- She said it smiling.

Richard: "So tell me what's going to happen."- I said it looking at the void.

Helpi: "Well there are two options my lord."

Richard: "What are my options."

Helpi: "wait for to reincarnate or use the ticket."- She said it showing me the golden paper in her hand.

Richard: "how long will it take for me to reincarnate."

Helpi: "well with the destruction and reconstruction of the Marvel multiverse and the DC multiverse a few millennia my lord."

Richard: "Well give me the ticket."- I said stretching out my hand.

She smiled to hand me the ticket.

Richard: "thanks for being with me helpi."- I said smiling.

She came closer to kiss me on the lips.

Helpi: "I will always be there for you my lord."- She said it so I start to disappear.

'well to start again, but this time I won't let my girls suffer I don't care if I have to destroy all my step if I have to protect what I love.'- I thought seriously.

I grab the ticket with my teeth and pull it with my remaining hand to break it.


[base system recovery]

[levels and skills have been lost]

[titles have been lost]

[error two titles are impossible to remove] [error two titles are impossible to remove]

[the system has suffered multiple damages starting with version 0.1].

Richard: "yes you did suffer helpi."

[you have no idea my lord it is heartbreaking to see you being destroyed and not having the possibility to help you].

Richard: "well let's get started."

[yes sir]

[starting Alpha dimension integration]

Richard: "so what will my dimension be called."

[your dimension has not been named due to the multiple instances of dimensional integration]

Richard: 'helpi you know what you tell me sounds like a pain in the ass.'

[well your father designed it so I can't help that sir]

Richard: "he's not my father helpi alter sees people as toys."- I said it in anger.

[I understand sir]

Richard: "helpi I represented life and at this moment I will represent it again helpi I won't give up everything I lost."- I said it with seriousness.

[of course my lord I look forward to you proving that]

[beginning reincarnation in new environment]





Richard: "one last thing helpi what is your real name."- I asked as my body began to disappear.

[you can call me sella my lord, but I like you to call me helpi because that's the first way we communicated]

[there is one more thing sir]

Richard: "what thing helpi."


[ you have achieved a title based on an action ]

[title: live like Parker die like Parker]

(no matter how many times you fall no matter how many times you suffer a Parker will never stop to do good why being a Parker means being a hero)

Richard: "Peter, mother, aunt, uncle will always be my family."- I said it as my gaze clouded over

Richard: "thank you for being with me sella."- I said it disappearing completely.

Into the dimensional sky.

God: "so it begins again Richard I hope that what you are going to live will not change what you have achieved."

Chamuel: "Father, what am I doing, Mrs. Mary is inconsolable."

God: "And why is she like this."

Chamuel: "Richard is not in paradise"

God: "It will only be a special occasion."- said it to throw a sphere at her.

God: "with it she will be able to see Richard as he faces his new life and you can see Chamuel."

She just nodded calmly, but you could see the excitement in her eyes.

Imperius: "it's strange that you would give that ability to a random soul."

God: "this is a special occasion chamuel is in love and I want to see the youngest of my daughters happy."

Imperius: "I see, father."- He said it bowing.

While with Richard.

I kept my hands closed and collected I tried to open my eyes but something wouldn't let me open my eyes.

Richard: "what's going on."- I asked.

[she's seven months pregnant sir you're not born yet you're in your mother's womb].

'so I can have a mother.'- I thought about it to try to move and kick by accident.

"Relax, honey, rest, it's not time yet."- Said a soft voice.

'Looks like I'm going to have a good mother.'- I thought about it to start relaxing while listening to her heartbeat.

[don't worry sir she will be in a state of hibernation these next two months so she won't get bored in the womb].

"thank you sella."- I said it as I curl up to start sleeping.

[checking status]

[optimal health status stable, physical capabilities slightly superior to a human baby, other genetic code detected]

[possibility of limiting host potential by 80% reduction of genetic code by 60%]

[successfully achieved host is free of limiters]

[rest my lord you need it your body this time will be very different from the first two you had].

Two months later.

'what's going on.'- I thought about it seeing as I felt like I was being expelled.

[My lord is about to be born again.]

'well let's see who my mother is.'- I thought about it to come out into the light.

I felt my first breath of air and felt like my lungs had fire inside them.

I just let out a cry of pain as I open my eyes to see my new world.


[by doing a special action a passive ability has been gained]

[ability gained pain resistance]

[Pain resistance] {1/10}


I kept breathing and kept feeling the burning in my lungs.

[ting ]

[skill leveled up]

Richard: helpi this is not funny.

[ this is a natural process sir all babies when they are born and take their first breath of air feel that burning because it's the first time their lungs come in contact with air ]

"my little asura don't cry mama is here for you."- A soft voice said it, I just looked at her

'my mother is something special.'- I thought about it looking at her.

How could I describe her she has red skin like Alice she has a bulky body full of muscle like neon yellow eyes with black sclera her hair is white like snow one of her hands can hold me easily so I can derive that she is much bigger than an average human she is possibly two meters 50 centimeters tall.

"Anya, how is our child?"- ask arriving an average looking person with black hair red eyes about a meter 78 tall a slim body a baggy suit wears glasses that looks like he is nearsighted.

Anya: "Our child is fine Artur."- She said it with a smile.

Before Artur speaks I can only see how a spear pierces his chest so that he falls to the ground.

'great I just lost my father in front of me.'- I thought about it watching his body fall.

Anya: "why did you kill him father."- She asked seriously.

She got up with effort getting ready to fight.

"Daughter, how could you disappoint me like that?"- He said it coming from a being that is three meters tall, his skin is red, his hair is white like my mother's, he has canines protruding from his mouth, his eyes are the same as my mother's, his muscles are possibly bigger than my mother.

Anya: "I didn't disappoint you, you exiled me or don't you remember."- She said it seriously.

?? : "Yes, because you fall in love with him."- He said pointing to my father's body.

Anya: "For years I have listened to you and I have given birth to the heirs you wanted, at this moment I gave birth to something I really love, a son I can love."

?? : "He is weak even here I can smell his human scent, you know very well that humans don't survive in the supernatural world."

Anya: "That's not true anymore dad, or haven't you forgotten about the big collision."

"Yes those stupid humans with super powers for all the more reason the supernatural must stay away our clan must stay pure the onigami clan will not be lost because of that."- He said seriously.

"Daughter, I love you for that reason I will give you the chance to let your bastard live, leave him in an orphanage where he can live with his own kind."- He said it walking away.

Anya: "I hate you I always will, I don't know why I gave him your name father."

Asura(grandfather): "that's too embarrassing that vermin doesn't have the right to have my name."- He said it to appear in front of me, his finger inches from my face, I didn't take my eyes off his gaze.


[by a special action he created a skill]

[ability gained survival instinct]

[survival] {8/50}


Asura(grandfather): "that look my looks like you have courage."- He said it showing his teeth near me.

Asura(grandfather): "if you manage to remember this listen clear if you want to be part of our clan, our culture, you will return to Kyoto where you will face me and if you defeat me you will have the right to be part of our clan and know everything about our culture."- He said it to start walking away, I just caught his finger while my gaze did not take off from him.

Asura: 'I accept the challenge you cursed son of a bitch.'- I thought seriously.


[a mission has been generated]

[from oni to oni]

(fight against and win against asura the most powerful oni that has ever been in the onigami clan and claim your place in that place)


100,000 points.

Title oni kami.

Respect of the entire onigami clan.

Respect from the supernatural.



Murder of loved ones.

Rule: no time limit.

Rule: no outside help.

Asura(grandfather): "maybe you're not a complete waste none of my grandchildren have given me that look it's exciting to see how a little newborn shit can hold that look."-;He said it getting rid of my finger.

He disappeared from a magical portal leaving Anya to fall to the ground.

Anya: "my little asura sorry for apparently not being able to see you grow up."- She said it while looking at me.

Asura: "I feel tired."- I said it starting to close my eyes.

Anya: "I have to get everything ready."- She said it standing up to go to the door so she teleported.

She started to prepare a basket to start writing my name and give instructions.

Anya: "you must be as far away from Japan as possible."- She said it in a whisper to teleport back to appear in a modern city with skyscrapers covering the sky filled with balloons that have fans that provide power to those buildings.

She walked towards an orphanage to leave me there to knock on the door and teleport.

Anya: "Be strong asura."- She said it disappearing.

¿?: "who is it."- said it in a tired voice only to look down and see a basket

"Someone left a basket."- She said it to gently pull back the blankets to see me.

¿?: "my god it's one of those kids with quirk appearing with it."- She said it in surprise.

"You look cute in spite of that skin."- She said it carrying me.

I just opened my eyes softly.

To see the person in front of me is a woman with some gray hair her hair is a bright blonde her eyes show affection she is covered by a nun outfit her hands look slender, her eyes have a hazel color she shows me a smile to carry me and lift me up in the air.

I just showed a toothless smile of amusement.


[by a special action a passive ability has been created]

[ability gained charm]

[charm] {5/35}


Asura: 'what the hell are passive skills.'

[they are the skills that work without needing to be active since they are permanently active].

Asura: "you mentioned that the system is back to beta mode what are the restrictions I have."- I asked that while I see the lady playing with me.


[charm leveled up]


[by a special action an ability was created]

[skill gained analytical thinking]

[analytical thinking] {24/25}


[you are correct my lord at the moment you can only develop five passive skills and you can have three active skills that are permanent]

Asura: "wait I can't have a large amounts of magic skills or be like before that's a disadvantage."

I kept getting stuck in my world thinking about how to use those slots carefully.

Asura: "the five passives are also permanent."

[no sir when you complete the passives you can exchange them for other passive skills you already have or buy them].

Asura: "it is I like it I have the same purchase option."

[no your purchase options are down to three skills that will be changing every week randomly]

Asura: "was able to get the system back to how it was before."

[no due to the fragmentation of the alter soul everything is limited I just keep the system and I am in the process of recovering the beta version 0.2 with less limitations]

Asura: 'for the moment no helpi thanks.'- I thought about it looking at the woman who grabbed the note.

"Onigami asura what a name or is it the other way around you are an oriental baby to me you look like Richard."- She said it lifting me up again.

Asura: "ha that name won't go away that gave me an idea helpi I want to see my status."

[understood sir just say see status]

Asura: 'see status.'- I thought seriously.

Name: asura onigami (Richard agustus Parker)

Karma: neutral

Level: 01

Threat level: H

Race: human demi (80% human, 20% oni) (chance of awakening a quirk at 4 years 50%)

Specialty: the gamer

Titles: like father, like son, live like Parker, die like Parker, asura.

Hp: 10/10 (regeneration of 1 every hour)

Magic: 50/50 (regeneration 5 every 25 minutes)

Ps: 100/100 (regeneration 10 every 50 minutes)

Vitality: -G

Strength: -G

Agility: -G

Intelligence: E

Wisdom: F

Charisma: -G

Luck: I

Passive skills (4/5)

[pain resistance] {2/10] (10/100)

[survival instinct] {10/50} (20/100)

[charm] {6/35} (15/100).

[analytical thinking] {24/25} (89/100)

skills] {0/3} (0/3)


Asura: 'analytical thinking I understand why I'm so advanced since I always thought the things I built so that means I lost my body, but all my knowledge remained that's good I can build everything I did once.'- I thought about it excitedly.


[analytical thinking peaked]


[secret mission accomplished]

[slow down sprinter]

(manages to bring a passive skill to its maximum in less than a month]]


High statistical capabilities.

Passive skill obtained see status.

[passive skill limit reached].

Asura: 'great I only have one passive skill that improves my chances of survival.'- I thought about it.

?: "you know let's ignore what it says on that paper right now you are Richard agustus Parker."- She said it smiling.

Richard: "well it's comfortable having the same name as me has something to do with the title of live as Parker die as Parker."- I asked.

[yes since since you were born as Parker and will live as a Parker]

Richard: "I like it."

I just started to close my eyes.

"You're already sleepy in the category of a baby, you're ugly, but that's the problem with babies with quirks, they're always unpredictable."- She said it to herself.

'Hey that's offensive.'-;I thought it annoyed while having my eyes closed.

So long.


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