1 the School year begins

a girl named Rose has black long wavy hair and has beautiful blue eyes. Her lipstick was perfect matched with her lips and she was about to enter freshman. Rose entered the school and saw many people that was new but also some hot boys att school. Rose was happy that she started the school because it was big and you could find new people very easy and it have dorms there she can live with her bestfriend Clara. Clara has orange straight long har and have brown eyes. Rose and Clara have been best friends for a very long time. Rose went up to her dorm to unpack her things and she met Clara there. Rose was happy with joy and Clara to they hugged each other for not seeing each other the whole summer. When Rose and Clara unpacked their things they went down stairs to the entrance of school to see their principle having a speech. Everyone was there. Rose and Clara took their seats and listened to the principle. the principle was also showing some students who was having straight A in high school. but when the principle was gonna show one more person Rose couldn't think straight. She didn't know if she was dreaming or not but Rose was about the be very nervous.

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