1 The Temple of Origin

ha Sh*t here we go again!! I mean

Again this feeling!!

same dizziness, same headache

Let me think where did I spent my last night, getting drunk at achievement party or my first project success and.....my boss is staring fiercely at me as I keep giving orders to Waiter along with gulping drinks but I didn't care much...



After that.... walking with the support of my

friendly colleagues to take subway.....

walking on the street to my home.....and habitually counting stars. ....then.....woah!! a big flash...hm?....means.

Getting struck by...LIGHTNING?¿....F**k!!

wait how can a lightning comes from a clear

sky, where you can literally count stars..haaa!!

Right now That's least of my worry,

where the hell am I now?

grabbing his heavy head with disoriented feeling Aaron Torres opens his eyes.

He found himself lying on a small bed with four side poles which gives support to white mosquito net wrapping the complete bed making him feels like lying in a white cubic jail

Aaron makes his way out of the bed and see his surrounding room is dark with only dark blue light coming through an opened window with closed thick dark black curtains that seem to hide the outside world.

With the help of light that comes from moving curtains and illuminates this dark Room with a dim blue rays, he spotted some different types of furniture in the room like At the front of the window a poorly crafted wooden study table, the front of white cubicle netted bed a large wooden bookshelf is placed with little books in it since rest of other books are scattered on the floor around bookshelf making him feels like someone hauled out them angrily.

He moves stepped on the wooden floor that makes a *creak* noise with each step.

He makes his way to a dressing table with a large fitted mirror which illuminate's dark blue light falling from the gaps produced by moving dark black curtains. he stands close to the mirror then he froze by the man he spotted in the mirror that looks familiar but unfamiliar at the same time.

A man with a short cut beard, little to no face fat, dishevelled brown hair, Red eyes wearing a black fitted vest over a dark blue shirt with rolled oversleeves with a loose Red Tie and a tight trousers.

Aaron Torres couldn't believe his own eyes

' h..how can one's Height be increased in one night with a good Beard? this definitely not me... '

After noting few more changes to his appearance other than big changes like his height(5"7), He suddenly feels tired like he has travelled a too long distance in just one night, His body is arching with pain like he has spend a good time in a gym.

He grabbed a wooden chair from the nearby study table and slowly sits down with resting his head on one hand he saw the table

The table is a mess of books, white loose pages and fountain pens, At top of these mess, A bundle of white pages is placed. the topmost page facing upwards showing a weird symbol drawn with black ink.

A Triangle under A big Circle with Seven stairs steps covering the triangle leading to clouds, from the clouds a point of the triangle is peaking with a Shinning Eye containing the 7 small circles.

Seeing this Aaron Torres gets a splitting headache with a sharp sizzling sound like a rapid evaporation of water or a fresh soda.

After a second or two these sizzling sound changes to more like someone's conversation and after that Aaron Torres feels like these voices are Entering his mind and merging with him.

[$$®©%%%©~~...."##@@@@&&#&#@&&@%%®¥®#$$¢$®®™™®®®®®¥@@**&&@@@ €©...L...e.n....o..sn.e.n.z.o..f.ath.er.Martin....wynn.....no don't worry our country has won this war. even. before those...have started so I will be back in a week or two..just take care of your mom.she is a worrywart..... today's news-

"MAINE won the war OUR country made it"....just fill these papers and it's all done....--our federal army gives the best pension of our abilities to those brave families--.....

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*phoo wu pho phooo* --ceremonial song--

our country's bravest soldier family...What's with these stitched bloody human pieces....do you really THINK I'm a blind or a Fool. will I not recognize my husband....you.... We understand your concern we will get best

affordable doctors for your mother..... don't worry one of your family members will get a Govt. Recommended letter...and The bereavement allowance.....your dad is one of the bravest soldier's...]

After a long time sitting still like a statue Aaron Torres took a deep breath then he reached out to rub his throbbing temples to ease his headache.

Right Now even Aaron himself don't know what he is thinking. Waking up in a strange room finding his own body gets a drastic change with strange clothing. when Aaron doesn't expect this dream to get more bizarre than already is, He gets a bit of memory of a Complete Stranger Named Enzo Lopez and other details of his life ...!! after this he had some speculation on his current condition which is famous as '..... Transmigration'.

Aaron Torres smiled Wryly 'And That's Why I Hate transmigration Novels'... they will abduct you when you least expect them and throws you at random events..... And where's my system..Dammit'

After grumbling for a minute Aaron Torres focuses on this received bits of memories,--

_Enzo Lopez 21yrs a normal citizen of the Northern continent's Maine kingdom, Hometown- A small City at Northeastern side 'Tamik'. Recently graduated from Bristol University near 'Tamik', Enzo has to travel a long distance daily by steam bus. his long hard work finally ends by decently graduated 2months ago.

After that Enzo travelled to the capital of Maine kingdom- 'Staul Pher' in search of Job. Enzo takes some money from his big brother 'kent' who works as a clerk in a regular Govt. office and recently got married with 'Rena' his colleague.

Enzo's little brother Eryk Lopez who is still completing his graduation from the same University as Enzo but in the department of 'steam mechanics'

Leisl Lopez sister of three brother's who is still completing her study in 'Govt. organized faculty of higher education'. And wants to follow his brother Eryk in the field of research.

His father had died in the war leading a Great Suicidal mission against Arksas kingdom of southern side of the Northern continent with his special Unit force. His mother gets mentally unstable after getting this News and gradually passed away 2 years ago.

Enzo family's financial condition cannot be described as of good but his elder brother Kent the sole source of income at that time didn't let them feel poor.

And at present, Enzo with his knowledge of 'Aisle history and origins' travels to the capital of Maine kingdom - 'Staul Pher' By Steam train In order to make his career as an Archeologist and earn a decent income.

Enzo had tried many firms but still got no results. after 2 week coming to 'Staul Pher' he applied to a firm Named-'The temple of Origin', The interviewers are total weirdos. they just keep smiling at Enzo and asking too much personal information with showing little to no interest in his knowledge. which gives Enzo a creepy Vibe then he decided to ignore this firm but as usual only this firm sends him the confirmation letter which he definitely wanted to ignore it but he can't do so.

So he chooses to give it a try but just after coming close and opening the door of the office Enzo's bits of memories ends like a falling cards of castle and Aaron doesn't get a clear understanding of this suspicious firm Named -'the temple of Origin',

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