1 Prologue Part 1

In a forest, somewhere out there…. A 5 year-old girl with blonde hair pulled along a red wagon with a sleeping 3 year old with black hair inside it. The 3 year old was clutching a teddy bear as she slept, while the blonde-haired 5-year-old clutched an old, worn picture with a map on the back. She was tired, her stomach kept making weird sounds, and her feet hurt from walking down the trail for so long.

'I don't wanna walk anymore…' She thought to herself. But she quickly shook her head, trying to fling those thoughts away as fast as she could.

This was for her daddy.

This was for her baby sister and for herself.

Her mom had gone out on another one of those "missions". Yang was always worried that she wouldn't come back from them, though. And she was right…. Her mom didn't come back this time. Daddy was always sad now, drinking his smelly "adult juice" all the time now. She never saw him smile anymore.

Then she found a picture in their attic! It turns out that she actually had another mom out there!

She didn't know what happened between her and daddy that made them not live together anymore, but she was sure she could fix it! She just had to follow the map on the back of the picture to her mom, then she could bring her back to daddy, then daddy would stop drinking his adult juice and smile again!

Plus, she and Ruby would have another mom to be there for them!

So she'd gotten Ruby to sleep, put her in their wagon and started walking to the place on the map. It was soooo close, now. She could tell. The map said so!

Yang let out a happy smile at the thought that their family might be happy again soon. She was soooo tired that she felt like her legs might give out soon. But she was already there. She could see it.

There was a cabin in front of her that looked really old and stuff. It didn't matter to her, though. Her mom was going to be there, waiting for her. Just as soon as she opened the door....


Her legs finally gave out. She couldn't even make it the last few steps to open the door.

But it opened anyway….

That's when the tired smile on her face FROZE.

Her mom wasn't there.... But they weren't alone. Scary red eyes glowed from the darkness of the cabin, and she could hear its footsteps as it padded out towards them from inside. It growled as it walked closer, and the first thing she saw were the reeeally big, canine teeth. Followed by the rest of its wolf-like body. Two words popped into her head right then.

Beowulf. Grimm.

Ruby was still sleeping, happily snuggled up in the red cloak their mom had given her for her birthday; but Yang was terrified.

Fear froze her in her tracks as the Grimm came closer. She couldn't do anything but watch, her arms and legs too tired to take Ruby and run somewhere safe. And the Beowulf looked hungry.

'I'm sorry, Ruby.'

It growled even louder and tensed up on its hind legs. Right when Yang was about to close her eyes and it was about to pounce…


A stick came flying out of nowhere and hit the grimm on the snout.

Yang blinked in confusion. 'What…?'

The grimm paused in confusion too. It looked like it couldn't figure out what had just happened…. Until another stick flew out and hit it in the snout again.


As the stick hit the ground, Yang and the Beowulf both turned to look at the direction that the sticks had come from.

Right there, not too far away, was a little kid that looked around Ruby's age. He had on a torn, green t-shirt and tattered, brown pants. He had reddish-orange hair, with 2 small tufts sticking out which she could've sworn moved!

Yang saw the little boy wave at her, and then turn to the Beowulf and stick out his tongue at it.

Even though it was just some kind of monster, it clearly understood that it was being insulted. It ROARED in anger and stood up on its hindlegs. Somehow Yang managed to fight her fear long enough to yell out a warning.


The 3 year old boy didn't listen to her at all as he kept on taunting the Beowulf. Whatever he was trying to do was clearly working, as the grimm was so mad that it charged straight at him! The boy in the ripped brown shirt didn't even flinch as it got closer. She'd even say that it looked like he was actually glaring at it.

Yang didn't know what to do. The blonde-haired girl tried to stand up, but only got half-way before she fell back down again.

'I gotta do something! I gotta do somethi-' Her thought was cut off as she saw something flash out of the boy's eyes and the grimm did something she never thought would happen.

It froze.

The reddish-orange haired boy looked like he was just inches away from the Beowulf's claws, but he didn't look scared at all! The grimm stood there like a statue and the boy in tattered brown pants walked around it like it didn't even exist, before walking towards her.

He stood in front of her and held out a hand to help her out. She took it, and with his help she was finally able to stand up again. The orange-haired boy grinned, and she noticed something cool. His eyes were silver like her sister's! Not only that, but he was a faunus! Those 2 tufts on top of his head that she thought was part of his hair, were fox ears! He even had a cute little tail too!

"Thanks for helping us." She said to him, smiling. It felt a little weird thanking someone that was Ruby's age, but she decided that she didn't mind. "My name's Yang. What's yours?"

The boy tilted his head and gave her a confused look.

"So…. are you gonna say anything?"

He shook his head.

Before she could ask him any more questions, they heard more growls sound out. This time though, it came from all around them.

That was when 4 more Beowolves and an Ursa came out from the trees.

As soon as he saw them, the little faunus scrunched up his face and glared at them. This time though, the grimm didn't freeze. They just kept coming.


And Closer.

His face paled, and his eyes started to go wide with fear. His little orange fox ears flattened on his head, and his tail curled up around him.

It was the first time Yang saw him be afraid of anything. Seeing him start to shake, she felt something for him. It was the same feeling that she got when Ruby started to get scared at night. Her whole body hurt from being too tired, but she still managed to step up and pull him behind her.

She didn't know what she could do, but she wasn't going to let them hurt him.

So she stood up as tall as her 5-year-old body could, and she glared at them just like he had. That's when they all froze.

Before they fell down and started to disappear into black smoke.

Yang was shocked and happy at the same time!

'Did I do that?' She thought to herself. Right before a voice from behind the Grimm sounded out.

"Yang Xiao-Long," The voice thundered out as the smoke evaporated, revealing a man with slicked-back black hair, red eyes, and a scythe that was taller than he was. He wore black slacks and a grey button-down shirt that was lighter on the sleeves. A tattered red cape fluttered in the small breeze. "Little lady, you are in SO much trouble right now."

There was a serious frown on his face, where a laid-back expression was normally plastered.

As he walked forward, he noted the situation before him. A Beowulf stood frozen nearby, claws outstretched and ready to rip into someone.

'Did Ruby awaken her silver eyes? No, wait…' His eyes flickered back to the little wagon, where Yang, Ruby and another kid were standing. 'Ruby's still asleep, and there's no chance that Yang could do something like this. Which means…'

He walked forward, past the blonde little girl that he'd come looking for and stood over the orange-haired fox faunus. Looking down into his eyes, he found his suspicions were correct.

The kid had silver eyes.

"Hey. Kid. What's your name?" He asked as he leaned in.The kid's green shirt was ripped in more than a few places, and his brown pants were already beyond tattered. 'Doesn't look like he's been around people for awhile. Survivor of a somewhat recent Grimm attack, maybe?'

The kid backed away quickly, his ears still pressed flat against his head and his tail still curled around him defensively. If he had any doubts about who'd held off the Grimm long enough for him to get here, he wouldn't have any now. Fox-kid's eyes were flashing out white aura intermittently, with a terrified look on his face.

'Guess he still doesn't have full control over his power yet. I should still let Oz know about thi-' His train of thought was interrupted as his five year old niece got in-between him and the 3 year old fox faunus.

"Uncle Qrow! You're scaring him!" She turned around to look at the boy that was shaking with fear. She walked slowly towards and took his hand in hers. "It's okay." She said softly. "Don't be scared. He's my uncle. He looks scary, but he's really, really nice." She soothed. The boy's shivering slowly came to a stop as she spoke, but it was clear that he didn't understand what she was saying from the look of confusion on his face.

Qrow blinked. Looks like his niece was getting really protective over the kid. He'd only seen her act like this when Ruby was involved.

'Hm.' Qrow thought as he looked himself over. 'Guess I really might look scary after all, since I've got my scythe out.' His scythe collapsed back into its sword form as he put it away. Although he almost tripped when he heard his niece say,

"-but he smells bad a lot since he keeps drinking all of daddy's adult juice."

Deciding to ignore that last comment, he turned his niece around to face him again.

"Little lady, you are still in BIG trouble for all this." His gaze softened though when he noticed that she was shaking from exhaustion. "Go rest up in the wagon with your sister. We're going back home."

"But what about him?" She asked as she gestured towards the little fox faunus that was looking towards them. Qrow took a look at the 3 year old fox faunus that was hiding behind Yang. "Alright," He sighed. "He can come too. But only until we find his parents."

Qrow was taken aback a bit as Yang hugged him. "Thank you so much, Uncle Qrow." She whispered. He felt wet spots where eyes were pressed up against his shirt. 'Kid must've been more scared than I thought.'

He wrapped his arms around her. "Anytime, kid." Then he ruffled her hair and watched her eyes flare up in anger before exhaustion set in. She turned around and took the fox kid's hand and went to go sit in the wagon.

As he started pulling the red wagon back to their house, he felt glad for 2 things.

The first thing he was glad of, was the fact that Winter Schnee wasn't anywhere near to see him pulling a little red wagon.

The second thing he was glad of, was that Ruby had talked Tai into buying the bigger size kid's wagon.

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