1 Isaiah´s Not So Happy Life

A/N: All the dates I use are random.


In Kingsport, Tennessee, North America there's a high school known as the Elite Academy. This school is where the rich and influential attend. But, in this school, there´s one who does not fit the bill of rich and influential, Isaiah Maximoff. Isaiah Maximoff is different compared to the other students of this school, because while they are rich, he is poor, while they are influential, he has no form of influence, and while they come from political families or have political backing, he is an orphan with no form of backing who only got into this school due to two reasons. His intelligence and luck. This is the story of Isaiah Maximoff, The Forsaken Hero.

Wednesday, July 7, 2032 - Present Day - 16 years old

Isaiah Maximoff´s life has been terrible from the moment he was born. Until now, where something interesting is happening at his school. However, before learning about Isaiah´s present, we must first learn about Isaiah´s past; it isn't pretty.

Saturday, July 7, 2016 - 0 years old

This was the day Isaiah was born, and on this day everything stopped. For less than a nanosecond nothing moved, it was so fast that nothing, be it human, animal, or machine, noticed. This was the sign of Isaiah's birth; a birth that seemed strange, out of this world, supernatural even, yet none knew why.

Sunday, July 8, 2016 - 0 years old

On the day after Isaiah's birth, the doctors that helped deliver him reported his strange appearance. He looked absolutely nothing like his parents, while his father had brown hair and blue eyes, with his mother having blond hair and green eyes, Isaiah had black hair, fair skin, and heterochromia eyes. The left one, dark purple like an endless abyss, so dark it was almost impossible to see his pupil, and the right, golden like the rising sun. When looking at the left you would feel a tinge of fear, despair, and helplessness and while looking at the right you would feel slightly happier and feel a sense of peace. Isaiah´s unique appearance led to his parents splitting up due to the father believing the mother cheated on him with another man, and so the father left Isaiah with his mother who, out of rage and anger, abandoned Isaiah outside of a run down and small orphanage, from the point of Isaiah's birth up until now things have been spiraling down, as they will continue to do so.

Thursday, October 31, 2024 - 8 years old

On Halloween night Isaiah was once again left alone at the orphanage while all the other kids went trick-or-treating. This happens every year on the date of every major event, such as Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and so many more. This is due to him being both called and thought of as nothing more than a ¨freak of nature¨ by both the other kids and the caretakers. Isaiah was never able to understand why everyone around him considered him a freak or why they call him as such along with other mean and derogatory names; until one day he heard some of the other kids talking about his appearance, which in turn caused him to, believe it or not, look at himself in the mirror for the very first time. Then, when he looked at his reflection he found the reason why others treated him the way they did, he finally found that the reason for his unjust treatment was due to his unique appearance.

Monday, December 1, 2028 - 12 years old

After Isaiah learned of the reason for his misfortune he questioned the kids on why they would bully him over something he couldn´t control, all he got in response was laughter and more ridicule, however, he did catch a comment said by one of the kids, Haruto, bright red hair with blue eyes, half-Japanese, and a jerk.

A/N: 3 of his main bullies I created have Japanese names and I remembered that I´m mainly placing this in America, not Japan. I usually write anime fanfics and things of the sort so I just kinda came up with those. So, I just made them half-Japanese instead. I just want to let people know this was an accident and I´m not trying to say something like all Japanese are bullies or whatever. I put this here so some people don´t start going on a tangent or something stupid. Anyways, enjoy.

(Haruto)¨Haha you hear that guys he thinks were bullying him, oh that´s rich, listen here FREAK the word bullying would only be valid IF we were bullying a person, YOU aren´t a person. You´re a FREAK! HAHA!¨

As the laughter reverberated through the orphanage Isaiah realized that in the eyes of everyone else he was not a person, barely even human, therefore he didn´t have the rights of one. As the years went on the verbal abuse became physical, and not just regular beatings, beatings that would leave him barely conscious and would leave him covered in scars, sometimes sharp and blunt objects would be used as well, although this was mainly from the....¨caretakers¨; and where were the adults, his ¨caretakers.¨ The people that were supposed to protect him were either gone, ignoring it, watching, or joining. Yes, you heard right, those who were supposed to protect him either did nothing to stop his pain or contributed to it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2029 - 13 years old

Due to never being to school, Isaiah had to study and memorize a lot, not like he had anything else to do. Along with that, due to his age, he would need to enter the last year of middle school. Luckily for Isaiah, he is smarter than most; he managed to catch up and understand everything perfectly. When the first day of middle school came Isaiah was excited for the first time in a long time; he was hoping there would finally be something to be happy about, something to look forward to every day, after all, he worked hard to get into this school. But sadly, nothing, not a single thing changed; it did not matter how smart he was or how well he did in school, he was still nothing more than the same ¨freak¨ from the orphanage. It was around this year that his emotions began to dull and his eyes began to lose their shine.

Friday, April 22, 2030 - 14 years old

During the middle of the semester of the first year of high school, an elite academy for the wealthy and influential that Isaiah managed to get into due to lots and lots of studying, there were three transfer students being put into his class, and lo and behold there stood his childhood bully, Haruto, who had been adopted around the time before middle school began and inherited the last name, Takahashi. The Takahashi family were a very influential family who ran most of the companies in the area. They adopted because the wife of the head of the family was infertile. There stood Haruto, now at a height of 5´11, with two others who introduced themselves as Akio Suzuki, a black hair, grey-eyed boy who stood at 5´10, and Sara Nakamura, a blond hair, blue-eyed girl who stood at 5´9; who also happened to be Haruto´s girlfriend. YAY. You could almost feel the sarcasm in Isaiah´s thoughts, and with how familiar the Akio boy seemed with the other two, it was pretty clear that he was their new lackey, at least new to Isaiah. With Sara and Akio looking at him disdainfully, along with the unsettling smirk Haruto had on his face, Isaiah could tell his life was going to get worse once again.

Monday, July 7, 2032 -Present Day -16 years old

When Isaiah walked into school today he began his daily routine, that he developed over these past two years, of analyzing his surroundings, silencing his footsteps to barely a whisper of noise, and controlling his emotion while bracing for pain, lest today be the day he´d snap; due to this daily routine Isaiah has learned to mask his presence to essentially become invisible, it´s saved him many times. While making his way to his class and preparing for jeers and ridiculing comments Isaiah noticed that the hallways and the classrooms he passed seemed silent, unnaturally so. There wasn´t a single sound coming from anywhere, no teacher or student, it unsettled him. When he finally made it to his classroom he felt his gut tell him not to open the door, and against his better judgment he decided to open it, and once he stepped in everything went white.

(???)¨O´ heroes save our land.¨