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The Forgotten Queen1


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Alice Bennet was murdered, but death doesn't come too easy to those who want revenge. In a kingdom of men and magic, there lies a caste system so strict that one step out of bounds can lead to certain punishment or even death. Within this system lies Alice Bennet and her mother, Mary Bennet, as they struggle to afford every single meal that pasts their lips. The two juggle various jobs just to stay alive. Yet, things fall apart when Alice is invited to the Gala. Once a year, special guests are selected to be a part of the Gala. It signifies the start of a new year, to bring luck and good fortune to everyone who attends. Alice ponders why she, a mere peasant, has been selected to be in the presence of royalty. More questions arise when she feels the many pairs of eyes watching her every step. Alice is a simple girl just trying to keep her mother and herself alive, but it seems that fate has paved out a very different path in her life. A battle is brewing on the horizon, and Alice is trapped in midst of it.


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