105 The Love Trap Gone Wrong

"What is this?!" I hear a man shout. If I am not mistaken, this voice came from father.

Regaleon stopped kissing me after he heard father's words. He slowly eased up on top of me but still covered me with his body.

"Crown prince Regaleon?!" It was the voice of my step mother the queen.

'So she is also here?' I thought. ‘Well, this is interesting.' I smiled.

Regaleon was protecting me from the gaze of the group of people that came inside. I was naked under him and that made me nervous. He took his coat from the floor and covered me up.

‘Luckily Regaleon's coat is big and long.' I thought. It covered my naked body, but my feet were still exposed.

"Prince Regaleon, what is the meaning of this?" My father roared.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I just can't resist your daughter's charm." Regaleon said.

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