21 Horseback riding (1)

After taking a bath I walked towards the dining hall. I was not far from the door when I saw a familiar young man standing right next to it.

It was Leon. He was looking regal while wearing his black casual knight's uniform. He was looking so handsome just by standing there.

Then Leon glanced my way. He gave me his bright smile that I loved so much. I blushed instantly while remembering what happened last night.

"Good morning Alicia." Leon greeted me with a smile.

"G-Good morning Leon." I greeted back. I can feel my cheeks burning.

Leon looked at me eagerly and smiled. He touched my cheeks and gently caressed it.

"You look so beautiful today." Leon said sweetly. And I felt my cheeks burn even more.

Leon chuckled. "Let's go inside. I'm sure you are hungry."

I simply nodded.

Leon took my hand and held it within his. He ushered me inside the dining room.

Inside, the dishes were prepared on the table. Breakfast today consists of bacon and eggs with buttered toasts. I look at it rather confused.

"What is it?" Leon asked. "Is it not to your liking?"

"Um no, it's not that." I replied. "It's just the food looks extravagant."

I was a little surprised. The food in the past few days have been good and extravagant. In the past they have only served me food that was cold and looked like left overs.

"Of course. Now that I am here I will make sure that the food you eat will have the right nutrients for your body." Leon said. "You are rather thin and pale. I don't know what they have been serving you in the past. But now you need to add on some weight and I want your skin to be rosy."

"Thank you." I said with a smile. I started to eat my breakfast.

"After breakfast I will tell Tricia to prepare your outfit for horseback riding lessons." Leon said. "I will prepare the horses shortly."

"Hmm, okay." I nodded.

I was startled when Leon held my cheek. I looked at him with surprised eyes. His eyes was looking at me with worry.

"Does it still hurt?" Leon asked. Then I remembered the incident yesterday with James. He must be asking about my swollen cheek after James slapped me.

"The swelling has subsided. It only left a mark but it will fade after some time." I replied.

"Hmm that's good." Leon said. Then I saw anger flashed in his eyes for a second but it went away fast. "I will take my leave now to prepare the horses. Enjoy your breakfast Alicia."

"Okay." I replied and smiled to him. I stared at his retreating back.


At the stables a maid is seen peeking inside. When she saw the stable boy go out and no one was inside she creeped in.

She made her way to a white horse. After looking around again and saw no one, she got near the white horse. She pulled something from inside her pocket and placed it on one of the horses hoof.

After that she hastily ran outside the stables.

The maid ran towards the second princess' courtyard.

Princess Elizabeth was seen in a garden gazebo having tea.

"Second princess." The maid was panting and bowed down in front of the princess.

"Have you done what I told you to do?" Elizabeth asked.

"Y-yes princess." The maid was shaking in fear with her head still bowed down.

"Good." Elizabeth smiled wickedly and took a sip of her tea. "I'm not gonna let you walk away so easily Alicia. After getting my William's attention. I will make sure William wouldn't want to see you again."

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