47 Fireworks

The night in town was festive. There were many lanterns lit along the roads. Many people are at the river bay waiting for the fireworks to start.

"Wow, look at the crowd." I said in amazement.

All the people around us are common folks. I see a variety of them, men and woman, young and old, lovers, and families all together. Little children are bundled up with their parents, happy and eagerly waiting for the fireworks to start.

Then I remembered something in my childhood, when mother was still alive. There was also a festival like this one. Mother brought me to watch it and I was so happy. And when it ended she promised me to come again and watch it together. But that promise never came to reality. She died before the next festival was held.

"Is there something wrong?" Leon asked.

We were standing at a good spot in the river bank, waiting for the fireworks to commence.


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