The Forgotten Lands
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The Forgotten Lands


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What is The Forgotten Lands

The Forgotten Lands is a popular web novel written by the author Darkjokes, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, CULTIVATION, ROMANCE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 4.4K readers with an average rating of 4.51/5 and 13 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 14 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a world ruled only by strength and intelligence, only those that can stand at the very top are considered to carry the mantle of their predecessors. The Forgotten lands of Evergreen are one such place where the light has dimmed. The strong became weak over time and so came the end of the age of fire. Darkness shrouded the place but in this darkness, there was hope and sparks of knowledge and strength albeit small and feeble but the voyage of these little fellows had just begun.


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I like Kai so far! I can't wait for him to become even more sinister, and menacing. I feel like I'd like to know more about the environment and world that they are in, even though some details are mentioned, just so I can 'see' everything happening, but definitely like it! Hope you make the release schedule consistent and try to get to 15,000 words! If you do before a month is up, you'll make it on the New Rankings list, and that will help your book get seen! Keep writing!


Reveal spoiler


All I can say is, Go, Kai, beat them all up! The story is both interesting and well written. I have seen little to no grammar error and I'm sure that this story has a great future. I want to know more about Kai and his further development. I look forward to more exciting episodes. Keep it up and I wish you the best.


Read up to chapter 10 and loving the start! Kai is a great protagonist with a mysterious backstory. I look forward to reading more where he came from. While reading this I was getting some strong Dragon Ball z vibes, which was great as I love that show. The extended fight scenes were exciting and well-written and it felt just like I was watching one of my favorite animes. It is indeed an interesting premise and world the author has created. Perfect set up too with the protagonist witnessing the deaths of his parents. I hope some revenge is on the cards!


Lets break this down. cover-moderate synopsis- fresh and catchy quality of writing-LOVE THE DESCRIPTIVES AND TONE CONSTANTLY MAINTAINED. IT TRANSPORTS ME TO THE CHILLY TUNDRA RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING.! character design- so far i love kai and sam both because of their very distinct personas. keep it up!


It has a decent plot but your writing is killing it! The characters are good and the pace is a bit slow but it doesn't mean that the story's pace is bad.


Shameless review by the author. Do check my work out and hopefully, I won't disappoint. I'm not a professional writer but I hope I can come up with something good to entertain you all


I love the story so far. Just joking cause, I love Kai more. Anyway, I can't wait for the new chapters to come. I really love the way the author is writing right now and how the tone is always maintained. good work author[img=recommend]


The story is crazy interesting and i am really curious about everything, like the characters and the plot - which is intriguing. I can tell this story has potential, by the way it is written. I really like it overall! Will definitely add in my library!


Reveal spoiler


Go Kai! The writing is great and easy to follow. The plot is very captivating, those hooks at the end of the chapters, keeps me wanting to know more. I like the characters, real and believable. Solid background, can't wait to see how powerful Kai gets! Keep it up!


Hii, I just read some chapters, and ngl you got me hooked! I really like Kai. I don't know why but I can feel connected to the protagonist. So well done with that. The story seems promising. Keep writing! Can't wait to see what happens ahead!


It is a very good novel and the plot is interesting and fun. Personally, i love books like this though you could really use some work with the content and edit more while also working on the update stability. Keep this up!!!!!!


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