The Forgotten Empress Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

The Forgotten Empress


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What happens when you live a full life and die of old age? Shen Mu Lan lived a normal life like any normal person. She went to school, fell in love, got married, had kids, succeeded in life, had grandkids, and most importantly she lived with her loved one until the end of their time. As she lays on her death bed waiting for the god of death to retrieve her, when suddenly she hears the call of someone else in the room. Forced to live her life again in another body, in another time. Will she decide to live her life like a normal "common" person again? Discovering who and what the original owner of the body wants. Shen Mu Lan decided that she'll complete what the original body wants before this life ends. Being a genius doctor, a goddess of the underworld, and an empress. Shen Mu Lan tries to bring peace to a turbulent time in the dynasty. But can she live this life without falling in love again? ------ He only married her for political reasons and to hold her hostage. In this turbulent time, with everyone by his side trying to upsurge the throne. As he goes undercover he meets a town girl who is loved by all the citizens. Who doesn't know who Lady Lan is in town? She was strong, kind, caring, and above all the wealthiest lady in town not of noble born.