The forgotten Dynasty Book

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The forgotten Dynasty


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What would happen if your life wa a lie? If everyone you knew was hiding something from you or hiding you from something,nothing, anything and at the same time everything. What if everything you had grown to believe was shrouded in darkness, deceit and secrecy. They say everything happens for a reason and one smal mishap could set of a chain of event which could change the fate of the universe. Growing up wasn't easy especially in a world like mine, a world of humans, and demigods, goblins and ghouls, wolves and vampirees,demons and witches, in a never ending war between the living and the dead,a war between the light and darkness a war for the Throne of Dreams. A throne so powerful it could destroy and remake the world,it was said only a Bloodline of the Chimera clan could overcome it's temptation and bring the world back in peace, but alas the clan was wiped out. Months turned into years, years turned into decades, decade into centuries and before long a whole millennium had passed with no heir to the throne. Aeons passed and the world grew selfish all fighting for dominance over the other, few still believe that their one true ruler would return,and bring peace to the world. Even if the masarcce happened aeons ago it couldn't have been done by noone someone planned it anyone could be the culprit if not everyone In this world there is no Good or bad only that which must be done It's is a fight for what is right. This is my second book, I haven't actually completed the books but feel free to give me a feedback comment and share your ideas