The Forgetting Era Book

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The Forgetting Era


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The world changes and the era of God's where Forgotting, as humans took over the world for themselves. Billions of years later the god reappeared to see if their once peaceful planet was still as they remembered it. But when seeing their work get ruined by a plague of humans. Their rage was unimaginable and they came to agreement that they shall get rid of the humans that had destroyed their planet And their creation. A flash of light appeared as quickly as it disappeared and the once populated earth was now down to only a couple million people. People who lived through the light only saw a glimpse of the gods, and it was a sign that they where becoming extinct as more than 90% of people disappeared or died. People worked together and came to an agreement that a new continent should be made. So years later leaders got the remaining population together to help with the restoration of humanity. The animals turned into monsters and evolution formed quickly in both the animals and humans. Powers gave people a chance to fight back but also gave people a chance to become corrupt and evil A war between humanity and the gods was set in motion


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