20 Who Said I had to Score?


A loud booming voice could be heard from a small box high in the stands,resonating throughout the stadium making the countless white shirted fans to scream in joy and relief and causing the already cheering flood of red to stop and stare in utter silence at the player standing motionlessly gawking at the player in front of him.

"How the fuck did he save that?It was going top left corner and he was on the other side of the fucking goal;there's no way he could've saved that"Julian thought dismally to himself as he stared at the person lying down in front of him in a weird manner.

[It's football,Julian,anything can happen.]

"I guess you're right"

Julian was a bit shaken from that recent event but luckily due to him possessing the Leader attribute[and Omega],his nervousness and worries were instantly repelled and replaced by the same courage and determination he once had at the start of the game.

He wouldn't back down.He wouldn't give up.


Because a king never shies away from a challenge.

Julian glanced once more at the now standing goalkeeper on his right.

"I can keep on heading but the question is can you keep saving?"Julian challenged as sparks flew from both of their eyes,making an enchanting display for the crowd.

"You won't score past me"Casillas retorted in a very heavy accent.

"We'll see about that!"Julian shouted as the ball was once more played into the box.

It seemed like centuries as the ball was perfectly lofted into the air once more by the same person who took the other corner,David Beckham.Julian,just like a hunter,waited for Beckham's call before swerving through the traffic of defenders,making a large space for him and his teammates in order to create a better chance at goal. His cunning plan worked and the ball ended coming closer and closer to Julian's head;a perfect chance for a goal...that is if Julian could head the ball.The ball seemed to have ended wide of the goal and was in the process of going out;however no one knew that this was what Julian was planning for all along.

All of a sudden,a black figure could be seen darting from behind the crowd of players into the place where Julian headed the ball,creating a wave of shock in its wake.Confusion and bewilderment were the only two emotions present on the Real Madrid Players's faces as this thief-like figure tapped the ball gently into a gaping goal.


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Julian smirked at the wide eyed teenager in goal and agitated with him with a few words.

"I did say I can keep on heading...not necessarily at goal"

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