14 Time Skip

"Omega,don't you think I'm a bit too OP"

[Julian,what did you think would happen?You've got me,the system,for crying out loud;obviously you are going to be overpowered as hell]

"Yeah,but don't you think that all my abilities will shoot up to SSS+ in a few years"

Omega profusely shook its nonexistent head.

[Julian,it's very hard to upgrade your skills and attributes-the missions don't come as frequent as you think.]

"Okay...so how long do you think it will take me to get all my skills to S and all my attributes at least over 70"

[It will take at least 4 years.]

"4 YEARS!"

[What?!Did you think that it will be easy as folding paper?Julian,even if you have me,a system,in order for you to increase your attributes and the grades of your skills,you need to a lot of diligent training.]

Julian just sat awkwardly onto the green floor of the stadium,staring into the skies,wondering on how he would pass these 4 dreadful years. After a while,he made up his mind and created a clear resolve in his head on his aims and objectives.

"In 4 years,this world will know who the true Football King is"

July 1st,1998.

An extremely handsome man was set up in his Manchester United Academy Kit sitting on the stairs of a mansion while showing expressions of rejoice but also melancholy.


It was his last academy game.

"Omega,it seems that these 4 years have passed rather quickly"

[Well for you they have;for me it felt like an eternity stuck in that brainless head of yours.No wonder why though,you have been training like mad over these past few years and even focusing on other subjects.May I add,your parents.]

"Yes,I have built a much deeper connection with my parents and even made friends while at school;I am no longer that conceited stuck up twat anymore"

Dimples appeared on Omega's nonexistent face.

[Is that it?]

"Okay,I also have had many admirers and lovers but what can I do?With this godlike face,I'm genuinely not surprised that they have fallen in love with me even if its only for my looks."

Omega was confused and baffled.

[(He still hasn't lost his narcissistic attitude but I've got to agree with him,he is one handsome boy)How come you haven't gone out with any of them?From what I have seen,many pretty and cute girls,some models,have asked you out but you refused them all.]

"Omega,all those girls don't even hold a candle to the girl I love."

[Who's the girl you love?]

"Her name is Jennifer"

[Oh...her...I have seen many moments of you with her from your past life. I've got to say you know how to pick a girl,she's extremely gorgeous and on top of that,just as intelligent as you are]

"Yeah,she's the only girl that I will ever love."

[Oh,What a romantic story!]

"Shut Up!"

Omega started bursting out laughing until its tone went dry and serious again.

[You haven't checked your stats at all in the past 4 years,I think you should take a look now.]

"Yeah,I know,I was thinking about that actually only a few minutes ago."

[Then you know what to do then]

"Chill your beans,Omega,I'll do it when I want to"

[Oh come on,I know you want to]

"Okay,it's true,I do...i'm just really nervous but also excited about the results of my training"

Omega fake yawns.

[Hurry up]

"Okay,Okay,Okay!I'll do it!Open Status:


[Name: Julian King]

[Age: 16]

[Height: 1.86m]

[Weight: 70 kg]

[Overall Grade: SS-]

Physical Attributes:

[Agility: 75/100 (Gives Usain Bolt a run for his money)]

[Strength: 75/100 (The Terminator)]

[Reactions: 80/100 (As Reactive as Nuclear)]

[Stamina: 80/100 (Mo Farah's Brother)]

[Jumping: 80/100 (Is it a bird?Is it a plane?No it's Julian King)]

[Appearance: 110/100 (Looks which have surpassed the laws of the Universe)]

Mental Attributes:

[Leadership: 80/100 (The General)]

[Charm: 85/100 (Makes every girl fall in love)]

[Intelligence: 85/100 (Albert Einstein)]

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[Luck: 90/100 (Plot Armour)]

[Determination: 110/100 (Determined.Determined.Did I say determined?)]


Rocket Shot (S+)

Accuracy (S+)

Leader (SS)

Magical Footwork (S+)

Football IQ (S)

Kick and Run (S+)

Solid Defending (S)

Hawk's eye (S)

Curve (S)

Set Piece Specialist (S)

Poacher (S)

Charmer (S+)

Air Walking (SS-)

Thief (S-)

Skilled Passing (S)

Marksman (S+)

Heading (SS-)


Goalkeeping: 3rd Step/10

Defending: 4th Step/10

Dribbling: 6th Step/10

Passing: 5th Step/10

Shooting: 7th Step/10

Julian gawked at his own status.

"It seems that I'm still too OP"

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