28 Threats and Promises

"Sorry, Emily, I'm not really looking for a relationship right now...but I'll think about it..." Julian said apprehensively, causing a certain joyous and ecstatic girl to suddenly quickly change personalities.

"Well, you better not date any girl Julian...otherwise...there'll be one less girl on this planet!" Emily said ferociously, while walking away from Julian with a creepy gaze in her eyes; looking like she was about to murder someone, shocking the many present...including Julian.

[Sheesh...what you said earlier was an understatement]

"Omega, this life- might be even shorter- than my past- life" Julian stuttered, shaking with the hair on the back of his neck standing on end.

[It might well be...I can't save you from this...it's up to you...your decisions.]

"Thanks one, mate. I might die and I'm told I have to sort it out. Isn't life great." Julian sarcastically muttered to himself and Omega, earning a fit of rage from the former.

[Julian, I have gave you a new chance at life and here you are complaining; instead of acting like a baby, find a way to get rid of the situation, no matter how hard it takes otherwise you're not fit to use me. If you don't stop being sulky then I'll have to find a new partner, someone who actually is determined to make something out of their next life]

Silence could only be heard as Julian just stood there under the watchful gazes of his parents, friends and relatives who were immensely confused on why Emily was so infuriated and why Julian was just randomly standing there, acting like a statue; it was known they could not hear the conversation between the two at all.

"Omega...thanks for that...I needed that..." Julian replied to a raging system.

[Are you still being sarcastic?]

"No, I'm being serious...I really mean it"

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[Thanks...for the...compliment] Omega muttered, surprising Julian.

Who knew Omega acted like this?

"Awwwww, is Omega blushing!?"

[Shut Up, Human!] Omega shouted at a laughing Julian, creating quite the scene for the viewers as all they could see was a tall teenager in the middle of the airport spouting nonsense and laughing hysterically to himself while repeating the same name "Omega", an unusual name, over and over again. Was he stupid? Or was he just mentally disabled?

These were thoughts which entered all the viewere's minds except one lone girl, who was now emenating a massive pressure of bloodlust and impending disaster, freezing the hearts of the people close by.

Who was Omega? Was Julian cheating on her? Had he broke their childhood promise?

"I'll kill this...Omega if it's the last thing I do!" Emily quietly thought to herself as a demonic smile crept onto her face.

30 minutes later.

After being bombarded from questions and praises, Julian and his family finally made it to their car which was placed within the Airport's parking, saying their goodbyes to the masses who had come to see Julian to contragulate him. All the family shared happy looks, except one, which was obviously Julian.

All these friends of his mother and father constantly tried to pair him with their daughter, saying how good they looked together and so on. Honestly , it was so tiring. Just how desparate could they get; half of the girls were even worse than Emily, all fighting and wrestling each other just so they could try touch him or hug him. He literally felt like he was a member of BTS, a korean group who had made it big in his past life.

"Julian, what do you think of Emily?" questioned his mother while they were packing his suitcase and more into the car, acquiring irritated looks from Julian.

Now was not the time to ask him about relationships after all that hassle; especially in Emily's case.

"Mum, she's a beautiful girl, who I think of as my CHILDHOOD FRIEND, nothing more, nothing less" responded Julian in an angry tone, clearly disturbed by all the instances where his mother would try to get the two together.

"Okay, honeybun, but let me know if you want to date her- it's clear she loves you so it won't be difficult at all for you. Plus she shares my first name so that's a bonus." replied Julian's mum while winking, oblivious to the fact that his temperature was constantly rising.

"Mum, SHUT UP! I don't fucking like her at all, she fucking scares me!" cried Julian, letting out his problems with that devil.

"That's not nice to say, she's a good girl; she's very smart, beautiful, rich, honest, well mannered, very reliable for housework, has a great personality and most importantly in love with you" Julian's mum said to Julian, trying to explain the good qualities of Emily- although this didn't work as these were all things Julian used to think of her in his past life which were proved wrong.

"Now, now, Emily, I think we should let Julian decide who he wants to date.marry" Julian's dad reasoned with Julian's mum, recieving looks of respect and thanks from Julian; something which was broken from the next sentence.

"So Julian, how about Millie, she's a good fit for you" Julian's dad commented, breaking the then idolised image he had for his dad into 24.

Why couldn't they see he was clearly not interested in them?

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