18 The Chance to Prove to the World

Julian got off the bus as he stared at the towering stadium in front of him.

"The Santiago Berneabeu. What a pleasing sight to the eyes."

A scruffy voice could be heard behind Julian's back.

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"Hey,rookie,now's not the time to get all amazed and bamboozled.Yes,it's your first game but still focus;this team are a terrible bunch to play against;they're almost indestructible.


"No problem,kid"

Even though David Beckham,yes DAVID BECKHAM commented that Julian shouldn't be that astounded as many more games as such would come in the future,Julian still couldn't help marveling and being ecstatic for his first game. He told himself he would score today,he would show to everyone around the world that he was the best;he was the Football King.

All the Manchester United players walked into the changing rooms,going to get changed into he illustrious red Manchester United Kit.

[Funny that this is the first time you're wearing a Man United shirt in a game.]

"I'm so happy,Omega,I've got to complete my dream of becoming a professional footballer but also with my favorite team."

[Well,that's what I'm here for.]

"Thanks Omega,without you and whoever reincarnated me,I wouldn't be here standing in a stadium such as the Santiago Berneabeu not as a fan but a player."

[Don't get so stroppy on me;we still haven't even completed even a tenth of what we're aiming for.]

Julian showed a happy smile as tears ran down his cheeks.

"I guess you're right"

After a time period of training and lining up and shaking each other's hands,it was time for the real thing. It was time for the game.

Julian,who was positioned at striker,stood behind the white ring,waiting in anticipation for Raul to initiate the kick off. There was no other better time for him. There was no other better team.There was nothing more suitable than the situation right now for him to show his skills to the world,to amaze them and leave them with their jaws dropped.

While Julian was thinking,a sharp whistle could be heard in the air as Raul passed the ball to Seedorf for the start of the game.

"Let's fucking do this!"

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