4 The Birth Of The Football King

Darkness enveloped my eyes and I felt my soul/life to have faded into existence. The time was coming, I was to meet my parents; not demons what I thought of them as a child. I would be able to tell them about everything, everything which has occurred and we'd be able to be a cheerful family unlike before.

BEEP!BEEP!BEEP!"What the hell is that sound! Fuck, it's so annoying! I didn't know that when you enter heaven you hear the sound of a fucking alarm. God, those stupid religious people are so annoyingly frustrating; they never told me this." thought Julian as he still lay in the depths of darkness.

"Plus, why in hell am I still surrounded by darkness. Don't tell me...no...this can't be...I can't be in hell can I?"blurted the stunned Julian.


A lady's POV:

"When is that child going to wake up? God, I'm going to have to drag him out of his bed at this rate"thought an extremely beautiful lady with emerald eyes.

"Julian, wake up!"

No reply...

"Julian, WAKE UP!"

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No reply...

"JULIAN, WAKE UP OR I'M GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS OUT OF YOUR BED!"shouted the blond lady in a feral manner.

The silence continued. "OHOHOHOH, someone's looking for a beating today" steam escaped out of the lady's ears as she stormed up the stairs at speeds which would even shame Usain Bolt. The already infuriated lady headed for a particular door with a life-threatening glare.

Julian POV:

"NOOOOOOO, that means I won't be able to see mother and father again, NOOOOOO! WHY GOD?! WHY? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? WHAT HAVE I DONE WRONG? PLEASE ANSWER ME. Please...please"imaginary blue droplets ran down my cheeks as I was still stranded in the city of darkness.

Sounds of banging and screaming echoed"WHAT!? I can...hear someone...they're shouting my name. Repeatedly, in fact. Who are they? No way! Is it God? Wait, but it can't be...this person sounds as if it wants my life...then it must be...it must be...the devil. But, what have I done to deserve the wrath of the devil. SAVE ME! SOMEONE SAVE ME!"


"Julian, get your ass up now or I'll have to make you too"

"Wait, I heard a feminine voice. I'm not being sexist or anything but I always believed the devil to be a man. Unless, those stupid religious believers have been lying to me again; damn you, you motherfuckers!"Julian shouted into the void of darkness.

"Eh, still playing dead, are we, then don't forgive me for what I'm going to do next" the sound of an angelic voice filled Julian's ears...followed by the sound of cracking knuckles.

"Playing dead? You fucking idiot devil, I'm already dead. And what are you going to do next then, big man, i mean girl. Do you want some? I'll give it ya"I acted bravely such as a knight against the demon lord but in truth, I was pissing my pants.

"Yes, Julian, I'm going to break your Sega Master System unless you wake up now"the angelic voice once spoke once again.

"Forget, what I said, the devil must be a woman, she's going to break my sega master system. How dare she even think of doing that! You will never receive mercy from me!"

"DON'T YOU DARE!"Julian shouted as he opened his beautiful sapphire eyes in order to see an overwhelmingly beautiful angel standing on his right holding his sega master system.

"Well, that got you up. After endless bundles of me shouting and shouting, you have finally woken up... not for me but for your stupid game console." the angel commented. "Julian, I'm disappointed. I truly am. You didn't even show an expression of happiness to see your own darlin-"

Julian pointed his finger at the gorgeous angel and questioningly shouted"MUM!?

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