3 Story Of My Life Pt 2

September 11,2001. A date I will never forget, a date that will forever be engraved into my mind. The day my parents died...and the day I lost what I hated.

As you can probably tell, my parents were killed by the terrorist attacks performed by the Al-Qaeda on the day known as 911. When I first heard the news from my aunt, I broke down, I lost myself into an abyss of tears. Me, a 19 year old, was weeping and crying as if I was a 7 year old child who just broke their new favorite toy. You would think it would be a natural reaction to have cried when your parents have died but I didn't. I hated my parents as they were against my football dreams so when I started crying, I wondered why? Why was I so sad? Why did I feel like my whole world had just turned upside down? I didn't know then but as I grew more white hairs, I realized.

After my parents' sudden death, I willed myself to follow in their footsteps; I wanted to complete their dreams. So I founded a business, as my dad wanted, and created it to be based on medicine and healthcare for my mum as she wanted me to be a doctor just like she was. Over the years, my business got bigger and bigger- so big, in fact that if I wanted I could've easily been able to afford the whole land of America; and that's massive. I also founded many charitable companies and helped the victims of 911 and their families, hoping to enable them a better future unlike what I had. However, even though I could do all of this, I was never able to find love. It wasn't that I had no girlfriends or I was resented- I actually had many admirers and lovers as I was tremendously rich and extremely handsome but I couldn't accept their feelings in fear that I would lose them too. I also didn't have any kids but there was a reason for that. I didn't want them to be put what I went through.

I developed cancer when I was at the mere age of 35, something I didn't expect to happen due to the fact that I was incredibly healthy and fit. However, my beliefs changed when I heard the news was from my own company; my company's results were always 99% accurate. Still, I didn't cry. I was somewhat sort of elated in a way. I would be able to meet my parents again. I would be able to be reconciled with my parents again. So from the date of 20 June 2017, I unbelievably, looked forward to the day of my death.

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"Jennifer, donate all of our company's finances to charities"a man of extreme beauty, it was as if he was ripped out of a comic book commented.

"What, SIR!? Are you serious about this?"a feminine voice could be heard from the other end of the phone.

"Yes, Jennifer, you don't have to ask why. Just do it!"the handsome man explained.

"Okay, your call, sir. I will donate all of the company's finances to different charities"the feminine voice spoke once again.

"Thank you, Jennifer. You were always a great secretary. Please tell everyone at the company that they will be left a hefty sum of money waiting for them as a thanks from me but also as a sorry for the quick change"tears ran down the man's smooth cheeks.

"Oh...thank you, sir."Jennifer blushed."Anyway, why are you saying your condolences...wait...you can't mean...but its's imposs-"

"Jennifer"the man laughed."Didn't I tell you not to ask why? There should be some things kept kept a secret. You will later find out"

"No, sir, please don't go, I lov-"the phone call was disconnected.

Sigh."I already knew, Jennifer. I already knew. I'm sorry but I can't love you back. You know why. If there is a chance I meet you in my next life, I'll come for you but I'm afraid there won't be 'a next life' "the man muttered to himself.

The said man then stared at the cloudless skies.

"Dad, Mom, I'm coming. Your son is coming. We'll be a family again but this time, we'll be happy. I've got so many things to tell you about such as how I founded my company and how I met Jennifer but you probably already know. Don't you? You've been watching from the heavens, where you belong" the life seemed to have faded within his eyes and his breaths got shorter and shorter.

However, instead of the man crying, the man profusely laughed"Damn it... even now...even after all those years I rejected it, I still want to become the best. I still want to hold that stupid trophy just like a king would. Who knows? Maybe I'll become the best football player there ever was... in my next life... if there is such a thing"the man thought to himself as darkness enveloped his eyes.

"What a sorry sight to see... A man driven by his pure love for football only to lead to his parents' demise. He has grown into a better man after their death but he still deserves a second chance for what he has achieved in curing all types of people around the world, even if he couldn't cure himself"a white haired man who created an impression of holding great power and knowledge contemplated as he stared at the sorry sight of Julian's death.

"Let's do that then. I'll give him a second chance but also with something to help him achieve his goals"the white haired man said as he held his hand to Julian.

"Good luck, Julian. You've earned it"

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