2 Story of My life Pt 1

My life was actually not bad as it seems. Yes, I got axed from the football team and was never able to pursue my dream but I never faced any difficulty such as poverty or being betrayed- in any case, it was a "normal" life.

After my exemption, from the football academy, I neglected my football dreams and concentrated on my education and making friends. Because of my egomaniac and cocky attitude, I was always never able to make friends as I was viewed as being an abnormal and queer existence. I didn't mind the comments then as I believed them to be jealous of me but as years passed, I started to feel isolated and unwanted which led me to developing an introverted personality. Moving to the educational side of things, I was doing outstanding managing to acquire an exceptional result of 11 A* for my GCSE's. This deeply shocked my parents as they had always viewed me to be a bit of a blockhead but it nevertheless made them extremely delighted... something which didn't occur often in my life.

You may ask why? Why were they not happy with you throughout your childhood? What could you have done to deserve their neglection?

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Let me tell you why.

I grew up in an old fashioned family; a family which only had one view and that view was it. As you can tell, I didn't agree with their view and rejected their customs and beliefs. A young boy,on one side, who aspired to become the best footballer there ever was and on the other, two demonic creatures: the father and mother of the boy- who wanted said boy to follow in their footsteps. "Become a doctor or a businessman, forget that stupid football dream of yours". A common phrase I heard throughout my childhood; a common phrase that I also ignored. At that point of my life, I never heeded their views and often went into arguments with them- I didn't want to be constrained by a job, I wanted to roam freely playing the game I loved. I had always thought I was on the right side of things but then one day, I realized that I was foolish. One day, I realized how stupid I was. One day, I hated myself for going against them. That one day...was the day of their death.

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