42 Sponsorship Crisis

"Open Status:


[Name: Julian King]

[Age: 16]

[Height: 1.87m]

[Weight: 71 kg]

[Overall Grade: SS-]

Physical Attributes:

[Agility: 75/100 (Gives Usain Bolt a run for his money)]

[Strength: 75/100 (The Terminator)]

[Reactions: 80/100 (As Reactive as Nuclear)]

[Stamina: 80/100 (Mo Farah's Brother)]

[Jumping: 80/100 (Is it a bird?Is it a plane?No it's Julian King)]

[Appearance: 110/100 (Looks which have surpassed the laws of the Universe)]

Mental Attributes:

[Leadership: 80/100 (The General)]

[Charm: 90/100 (Makes every girl fall in love)]

[Intelligence: 85/100 (Albert Einstein)]

[Luck: 90/100 (Plot Armour)]

[Determination: 110/100 (Determined.Determined.Did I say determined?)]

Available AP(Attribute Points): 1


Rocket Shot (SS-)

Accuracy (S+)

Leader (SS)

Magical Footwork (S+)

Football IQ (S)

Kick and Run (S+)

Solid Defending (S)

Hawk's eye (S)

Curve (S)

Set Piece Specialist (S)

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Poacher (S)

Charmer (S+)

Air Walking (SS-)

Thief (S-)

Skilled Passing (S)

Marksman (S+)

Heading (SS-)


Goalkeeping: 4th Step/10

Defending: 5th Step/10

Dribbling: 7th Step/10

Passing: 5th Step/10

Shooting: 8th Step/10


Side Mission

Mission Title: Beginner Womanizer

Difficulty: Very Easy

Mission Details: Make over 10 million girls fall for you

Mission Reward: An increase of 10 in Charm and Appearance

Add-Ons: 10% Chance of acquiring the Forbidden Fruit

System Note: None

Side Mission

Mission Title: To have a backing

Difficulty: ???

Mission Details: Get your first sponsorship!

Mission Reward: ???

System Note: Think about all the money you could make!

Main Mission

Mission Title: Win the European International Cup

Difficulty: Easy

Mission Details: Win the preseason tournament and show everyone who's boss!

Mission Reward: Champion (SS-) and increase in one Step in all books!

System Note: You are the best player in the world, you should easily win this!

Julian was not surprised that there was not a lot of change in his stats except from the one cm increase in height and the increase of 5 in his charm; he had only played 3 professional games after all; that was hardly anything.

However, he was surprised to see an extra slot in the status which was known as missions; it seemed Omega had finally had done his job for once and implemented it in.

But Julian had to say, some of these missions which he had completed and acquired were extremely weird such as the Beginner Playboy; what the hell was with the title?

Who made them?

And how the hell was making over a million girls fall for you extremely easy?

If that was the case, then every man in this world would have a a harem...to be fair...that does sound quite appetizing...

"Omega, why the hell do I have these weird-ass missions? They have no correlation to football at all. I can understand why they may be labelled as side missions and me winning the preseason cup is a main mission but I can't comprehend why on earth I possess these missions. Could you tell me why?" Julian said, shocked and confused out of his mind, reading the details of the "Beginner Womanizer.

This nearly caused the poor Mancunian to choke; the mission wanted him to make over 10 million girls fall for him. Forget the other mission he was savagely criticizing, this new and upgraded mission made it seem like the other was as simple as walking the dog.

And Omega had the audacity to call it "very easy"; "very easy" your mum!

[Julian, I thought you already knew this. *SIGH*. I'll spell it out for you again:


I am a system which can be used for all genres and aspects of life, if you want to be a sheep, then guess what I can issue you missions designed for "you wouldn't guess it", a sheep]

Silence prevailed as Julian had heard this world-breaking aspect of the system. This way, he could be..

"So I can turn into a bird?!"


A fucking bird.

[What...yea...I mean, yeah, you can but you can be cooler things like a dragon or a leviathan, something COOL, something MYSTICAL] Omega replied, clearly taken aback from Julian's stupidness.

"But I wanna be a bird"

[Why be a bird when you can be something greater?!]

"But I wanna be a bird"

[Ok, you can be a bird] Omega agreed, giving up on persuading Julian's blockhead.

"Actually, I wanna be a dragon!"

[You know what, fuck you!]

After Julian's weird dream of being a bird, Julian finally further looked through his missions, baffled to find a new mission which Omega did not issue him called "To have a backing".

The mission's details is that he should get his first sponsorship...

but Julian doesn't have an agent?

then should he facilitate his own moves?

but that would take time off his football?

then what should he do?

I'll let YOU decide!

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