"Yes...sweetheart?"the angel questioned.

"How are you alive? You're supposed to be dead!"Julian exclaimed.

Black marks appeared on Julian's mum's forehead"What do you mean I'm supposed to be dead? This isn't another one of your pranks RIGHT!?"

Julian looked confused.

"No, Mum, i'm being serious, remember, you died from the plane crash of 911"

Has my child gone insane? Oh no...don't tell me he has become mentally disabled. God please have mercy on my child's soul. I don't know what he has done wrong but please forgive him.

"911, What's your emergency? What are you even on about!? Also, what the hell is the plane crash of 911? Has your entrance to the Manchester United Academy messed up your brain so much that it can't function properly!"

WHAT? Auntie told me she died from the plane crash and I even saw my mum's and dad's corpse with my very own eyes. What in the world is going on?

"No, Mum, I swear! Auntie told me the news that you died from the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Ask anyone around and they'd easily be able to tell you when it happened and who caused it. Mum, the Al-Qaeda, remember."

What the hell is my child on about? The World Trade Center...that massive building...being attacked by terrorists.He really thinks that happened, that big ol' America lost to some little squabbling terrorist group called the Al-Qaeda. Son, this ain't David and the Goliath, no little man's going to beat a giant.

Julian's mum seems to look distressed as she held a cell phone to her ears."Julian, I'm going to have to call your dad, you've gone hysterical today. Also, you will stay in this bed, you are not going to the Manchester United game like this."Julian's mum got a medical kit out"I'm going to be checking on you now, don't show any resistance;it will only cause you more pain and me more time"

Julian gawked at his mum as she changed from a demon to a professional doctor. "Why didn't she just treat me like that all the time?"he thought.But, that was not the main question playing on Julian's mind.

"Manchester Game!? Mum,remember,I was axed from that team ages ago. I think I was 15 at that time, why are you talking about it now?22 years have passed from then leading to my impending death. Unless that means...you weren't watching me whilst in heaven"James furiously shouted.

"NOOOOOO! My kid has gone mental. What am I to do now? Even if I'm a doctor, I can't cure this immortal disability-Julian i'm sorry...i'm really sorry"tears poured out of her bloodshot eyes.

"Mum, you know I can hear you, I'm literally right over here...And what's this talk about me having a mental disability...I'm pretty sure I don't. Anyways, moving that aside, where is dad? I haven't seen him anywhere. Don't tell me he has gone to hell?"

Whilst still crying"What is all this heaven and hell talk Julian is spouting?I know he was always a bit of a blockhead but not to this to degree. Thank God, John is coming. He'll hopefully be able to resolve this"muttered Julian's mum to herself.

Julian thought to himself"Did not she just hear me a minute ago!"

"Mum, you know I can still hear you. Whatever? It's nice to know Dad's coming and that he's in heaven. I wouldn't know what to do if he went to hell."


"JULIAN! PAPA'S HOME! EVERYTHING WILL NOW BE ALRIGHT!"a manly voice could be heard from the downstairs of Julian's house.

Two different faces could be seen from the two in the room.

One: A face full of happiness and a sudden relaxation. The other: A face full of horror and impending doom.

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"OH NO! He's still like this. Where can I hide? Where? GOD, SAVE ME!"Julian scanned the room for a hiding spot but to his surprise, there was none.

Julian's POV:

Waiting is almost as poisonous as lead. Hooking you into an abyss of overwhelming fear. Those few minutes before that demon came in felt like years. I had somehow looked over my entire life and realized how insignificant it had been up to this point. 37 year olds like me shouldn't be here dreading the sight of a demon with a face of angel right next to me and another one to come. All at once thousands of thoughts flew into my mind like a swarm of deadly bees corrupting my "disabled" mind, as my mother called it, and dragging out the innocent young boy that used to play football on at the park near Charsdale Close.

As I stared at the door handle, sweat poured out of my hair and my face turned the color of my mom's hair.

The doorknob twisted and the sound of heavy panting could be heard. "Goodness me , even after coming to heaven, he still hasn't managed to improve his fitness"Julian tried to put humorous ideas into his head to replace the fear he was holding. However, it was futile.

"JULIAN!"an extremely handsome man could be seen at the door holding but just a suitcase and a bag.

"MY BABY!"the man shouted once again contrasting to his devilishly handsome man appearance.

"SAVE ME SOMEONE! SAVE ME!"Julian shouted as if he was a fish about to be trapped by a fishnet.

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