33 Rival? Bitch, you ain't worthy!


The ball was out for a throwing as I had come onto the pitch; a desirable position for me as it was in the opponent's half and also luckily Manchester United's possession. Without thinking about it much, I made a run into free space for the legendary Paul Scholes to throw it to me...and just like I planned, I managed to chest the ball and started to make a rapid dash into the wide open field before me...


A small squeaky Englishman had managed to catch up to me and kick the ball right under my nose out for a corner...only at the expense of severe puffing and huffing...and severe breathing problems...

The small rabbit then talked.

"You're...not so...tough...I'm much better...and much...much"COUGH!"faster than...you...why would...the manager...rec...recommend you...you...are so...weak " the midget boldly stated to Julian; little did he know Julian hadn't heard him; he had been only muttering to himself...

Julian was worried; this weird stuttering heavy breathing guy seemed like he was going to faint any minute; he had to help him! He was a qualified doctor in his past life after all!

[Julian, wtf is wrong with him]

(It seems like he has a problem breathing...it doesn't seem too serious though...just seems like he needs some time)

[Are you sure? He looks like he's going to faint.]

(Are you questioning me in my former expertise?)

[Nah, just don't believe you.]

(Well, you're a great fri-)

Julian was interrupted again by the same breathless barely standing dwarf, who seemed angry that he was being ignored.

"Oy...Julian King...you...better listen...to...me..you'll never beat the great Owen!"(if you know, you know) the somehow smaller looking gnome expressed to Julian with a burning desire and fire in his eyes, surprising Julian.

Is he talking to me?

[Why don't you go ask him?]

"Excuse me uhhhhhh..."

"Micheal Owen" added the infuriated gnome, who's temperature was rising second by second from the fact that Julian did not know his name.

"Yeah...Micheal Owen...are you by any chance talking to me?" Julian asked with a puzzled expression, pointing at himself.

This pissed the dwarf off.

Was he mocking him? Did he not put him in his eyes? Was he not considered worthy to talk to him?


"YES, I'm talking to you, you insect(ironic),you...you..."the dwarf did not know any more insults but still carried on."idiot, I am talking to you and only you. Me and you are destined to be rivals and I'll show you how I'm the better half!" the gnome shouted at Julian with a burning passion, his body forgetting that he was originally struggling for air after a short 20m sprint but what can I say? Julian possesses a speed on par with the fastest; what can small legs do for a sprinter?

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Julian stood shocked; he felt as if his feet were stuck to the ground; this midget; no THIS DWARF was labeling himself as Julian's rival. How could he?!

Julian has no rivals.

He is not comparable to anyone else.

Him and only him can be considered the best.

And for it to be a midget like this, to dare say something so treasonable!

The King's Pride has been hurt! He is PISSED, SERIOUSLY PISSED!


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