12 Risks are for Rewards



Julian's POV:

A smile crept up my face as I watched the ball soar over the keeper who looked at me with an expression of shock and awe.

I had just chipped him...leaving him slumped sideways over the floor and his body in a very awkward position.He could do nothing;nothing else but watch the ball fly right past him into the top of the white net.

I didn't feel bad for him;I just felt a bit sympathetic as I knew how heart-wrenching it felt to lose a game,especially when you were labeled as the best goalkeeper in the world,Peter Schmeichel.

As soon as the ball had reached the white net,a carnival of cheers and screaming erupted,nearly making me and my teammates deaf. But that wasn't what we focused on.

We had won.We had actually won.

We had fought through a painstaking game of 90 minutes against a team compromised of the best football talents to ever seen play the game and still managed to come out as the victors in the end. We were to be proud of ourselves;I certainly was.

"YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"my teammates all started to stampede towards me such as a rhino would do and started carrying me on their shoulders,giving the audience an image that I truly was a king.After that,they picked me up once more and started to fling me into the air,gaining many laughs from the masses of crowds.Throughout all of this, I was smiling sheepishly and even making jokes of my AI teammates. This was why we played football...not for the money...not for the fame...but for the sheer love of the game we play.

While celebrating,all of a sudden,through the chaos,I heard a monotone voice in my head.

[DING!Omega's Trial has been completed.Rewards distributed:

Access to all functions of the System

Goalkeeping Book

Defending Book

Dribbling Book

Passing Book

Shooting Book

10 AP(Attribute Points)

Talent increased from Grade C+ to Grade SSS+

All Skills increased to Grade A+

Overall Level increased to Grade S.

Unable to locate more.All rewards have been distributed]

"What the..."

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