1 Reminiscence

Ever since I was a kid, I was always told I had the talent to become one of the football greats like Pele and Maradona. Naturally, as a kid, I believed what they said and because of this, I grew self-obsessed and egotistical. Whenever at school, whenever at home, I would always boast how great I was at football and how I would easily stand at the pinnacle in a few years.

But then, at the Manchester United trials, when I was the mere age of 8, I realized.

The belief that I was some sort of football God was all an illusion set up by my parents, my friends and lastly myself.

I remember how I cried a flood that night and how my passion for the sport I loved, football, faded. Well, almost faded.

After that horrible defeat at the trials, a sudden flame of determination ignited within me, I thought to myself "I was going to become the best".

Actually, it was more like" I am the best, how could I not get through, watch me, you stupid old man, I'm going to make an example of you next time." But, hey, I was dead set on passing through.

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Over the next 4 years, I trained myself to the bone, doing the most intense workouts and exercises all in hope that I could get through the Manchester United trials and my training...it paid off. As soon as I heard I had been accepted, I was elated and over the moon; and just like my usual self, I bragged a lot and I mean A LOT.

Because of my overconfident and self centered attitude, I believed I was already the best and put a stop to all of my training except my academy training. My belief was that as soon as you entered the academy, you would have a cruise through the future and not meet any problems. Obviously, that wasn't the case and I was axed from the under 15's team as I had not progressed at all since the age of 12. At that point, I was absolutely livid and full of indescribable rage. I even went as far as trying to sabotage the league games and causing massive disruption at matches. But as I grew older, I realized...I just wasn't talented.

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