41 Parents + Love = Awkward

"Just how clueless and forgetful can you be?! Your a system, technically like a piece of AI, how in the world can you forget something...especially something so important like that?! Grrrrrr, it just irritates me!"

After berating and cursing Omega for about the millionth time for forgetting such an important thing like informing Julian of missions, Julian finally managed to let off a little steam; only a little...

"Oh, whatever, I'll look at all these "Mission Rewards" and "New missions" I have acquired at home; I don't have the time to do this here, they're locking the doors in only a matter of time!" Julian sarcastically stated to Omega, who was still shaking from the onslaught of verbal abuse Julian had throwed at him just a few minutes ago; that is if a system could feel scared and shake...

[Alright, I'm sorry, I forgot, okay!? And plus what you said before was very hurting, calling me an AI and such, I have feelings you know!? I'm not like some type of machine, who for one, is a slave to its master and is emotionless! If that was the case, would I be able to talk to you? Can machines talk!?]

"Yeah, whatever, anyway, I need to leave this place, I don't want to keep my dad too long at the car park"

[You could just get a driving license]


"Unfortunately, I don't have the time for that, otherwise I would've already started it. Maybe, when there is a huge break in football, I will consider partaking in lessons"

[Sounds fine to me]


Julian, had left the stadium with his teammates, who were utterly concerned and baffled where he was during the time of celebration. He quickly responded with a deceitful lie, saying his press conference took too long; they didn't look convinced but they passed it off, thinking that it was probably a personal issue.

"Julian, are you sure you don't want to come with us to the party?!" David Beckham asked, wanting Julian to come so he could get closer to the team; he only recently joined, after all.

"No, it's alright, I'm afraid my parents wouldn't let me. Maybe another time!?" Julian responded with a crestfallen face.

A sly smile appeared on a certain hairy player's face.

"Awwww, little Julian can't come with us to the party because his parents won't let him, awwww, so sad!"

A towering figure suddenly grasped the culprit's hair.

"Shut up, Ryan, anyways, see you Julian. Make sure you don't stay up too late and slack off training, Fergy won't be too happy" a certain giant, by the name of Peter Schmeichel exclaimed to Julian.

"Get off me, you big oaf!"

"Awwww, Giggsey's mad. So cute!"

Julian, nearly barfed after hearing Schmeichel calling Giggs cute again, it seemed the Danishmen had weird taste. But nevertheless, he was grateful and thankful to his teammates for even offering the option; it felt warm and welcoming because they were actually making an attempt to befriend him.

"Okay, Mr Schmeichel, see you then!" Julian started to walk away from the bunch.

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Whilst doing so, he heard a loud shout from behind his back "I thought I told you to just call me Schmeichel!"

Julian laughed at his antics, before then again turning his head around and going around a corner and surprisingly meeting...



Whilst I had finally separated from the group, I checked my phone for my dad's message to see where he parked.

Walking in his messaged direction, I turned a corner, only to see someone who I thought I was the least likely to see the most, standing at the edge of the road.


A quick head turn from her secured my suspicion; it was her...

but what was she doing here?

"Oh, Mr King, it's nice-really nice to see you-you again" Jennifer stuttered whilst bowing her head to me.

"No-no problem, I was just passing by...you know...hahahaha" I responded, blushing, shy shocked, inwardly cursing myself at how awkward and weird I looked.

"haha..." she cutely laughed back.

After that laugh, only silence prevailed until...

"Mr Julian, I-I was actually thinking if I could have an autograph from you, if you would, please" she said to me, whilst holding out a t-shirt of mine with a huge blush appearing on her face.

Surprised and bewildered, I stayed stationary until I caught on to why she was blushing and asking me for an autograph; it seemed she liked me; hell fucking YES I'd give her it!

I would give her my organs if I had to!

"Oh, that would be fine, Jennifer but..." I said, walking to her and signing the t-shirt, then leaning and whispering into her ear "but I'd also love if I could give you my number!"

From my "absolutely smooth" and "charming" action, Jennifer turned the color of a tomato, before reaching into her pocket and handing me her cellphone with a cute little nod.



"Ehem, I need it for research purposes..." I shyly said, furiously tapping my number into her cellphone, turning back into my "not-so smooth" and "cool" figure.

However, I'm thankful for being like this because that earned possibly the most adorable thing mankind has ever heard.

"Hahahaha, you're funny" Jennifer, delightfully laughed, showing the beauty of a flower.



"Anyways, I need to go now, it seems my father has arrived to pick me up...I'd love it if you'd call me" before I had a chance to say anything, she said " bye" and ran off.

Did that just happen!?


As I was waiting for my utmost adorable and beautiful son, I managed to watch the latter shyly talking with a extremely cute girl who I've never seen before.

Hmmmm, is she his girlfriend?

But why does he look so shy?

Does he like her?

I was befuddled and intrigued.

However, my suspicion was only confirmed when, after the girl had left, my son started to scream words of joy and dance and prance all around the car park; I don't think he noticed me intently recording the whole ordeal.

Honestly, it was quite the spectacle; he was running into lampposts,doing extraordinary crazy dance moves,tripping all over the place but it was like he didn't care; he possessed the same giddy expression while doing so; it was like watching a young me when I had finally learnt that his mother liked me back.

And that's when I knew,

my boy was in love.


Smirking, Julian's father drove towards the unknowing Julian who was still in his dreamlike state, planning to tell him he had seen the whole thing.

And so he did.

"Well, well, Julian, don't you look happy?!"

This nearly caused Julian's heartbeat to stop because all of a sudden, a car appeared out of nowhere and confronted him. He was relieved it was only his dad.

"What do you mean, dad?" Julian asked, curious, not knowing that anyone can tell that he was over the moon and extremely joyous and excited.

"You know what I mean, is it because of that girl!?" Julian's dad finally asked the ultimate question with a sly grin on his face, causing the young Julian to turn the same color Jennifer did before.

The poor boy was so astounded and breath-taken, that he couldn't come up with an excuse/response; he just dashed into the car and kept quiet.

He did this the whole journey home, even through the assault of questions his dad shot at him; no matter what...

he would keep quiet!

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