31 Number 7

All of a sudden, kids appeared beside Julian, startling him in the process because he wasn't necessarily the best with children...especially girls. For some reason, whenever he tried to help a young girl, she would always put her hands over face and run off squealing; something Julian could never understand why.

But by fortune, Julian did not have to hold hands with a girl; this time the person beside him was a young Englishman by the name of James; information which he found out from when they were talking about who the best Manchester United players were...unfortunately Julian was not part of it.


"Well, James, it seems we are walking in a bit, are you ready?" Julian questioned to James in a soft voice, hoping the kid would not be nervous or agitated.

"Yes-yes-I'm-o-okay" James stuttered; he wasn't used to being in front of such a crowd of people, even if he knew that he wasn't the centre of attention.

Julian meekly smiled then bowed down so his face was on the same level as James's.

"James, if you're feeling nervous, know I'm right next to you-if it's getting out of control, you can squeeze my hand and I'll do my best to help you" Julian commented to the sobbing James brightly smiling, easing him and making him puff out his chest as if it to say he wasn't scared or nervous; something which made Julian inwardly laugh to himself as it reminded him of his younger self.


"We're going in now, James, show me that determination!"

"Y-ye-yes!" James responded, clearly still shaken and scared of walking in, leading to Julian tightening his grip to make sure he was alright.

"Let's go then!" Julian said to James while leading him through the towering entrance the kid was so scared of.

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Even through all of Julian's help, James was still profusely hyperventilating but this was soon stopped as soon as he had entered the "doors of hell", receiving a majestic view entirely different from what he imagined.


While this was all happening, Julian did not realize the cameras recording him and the people who were passing gossip on how kind he was-not much like he would care.

10 minutes later.

All the handshaking had finally ended, leaving a sad Julian on the bench watching the game unfold and the two captains coming up to the ref for the legendary coin flip.

[Julian, how does it feel to start on the bench?]

"To be honest, Omega, it feels disheartening to not be part of the first team, escpecially after putting out such a sensational performance last week...but hey...what can you do...?" Julian muttered dejectedly to the concerned Omega.

[Hey, kid, no need to feel so down, you'll get your chances...plus I'm pretty sure you'll be subbed on so when you do, show THAT manager that you deserve a first place position even though you are so young] Omega commented to Julian, instantly brightening him up and brewing a burning spirit within him.

"Yes, I'll show him!"

30 minutes later.

The score was tied at 1-1 with Cole and a youngster by the name of Micheal Owen scoring, who was being hyped up by the small quantity of Liverpool fans within the stadium; something they would regret later on.

"Julian King, number 7, substitued for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, number 20"

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