9 Mission Impossible

1-0 to Omega's Trial Team.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me"

[No, Julian, I am not kidding you. I did warn you not to be too cocky or it would bring you consequences but you seemed to have not listened to me.]

"This is bad...this is REALLY BAD! I need to win this game otherwise I will lose the system(Omega)and all my dreams and hopes will be lost. But what I meant to do?They are all world class players, while even as academy players, are predominantly indestructible machines who could beat countless pro teams."thought Julian in his head.

The System read his thoughts.

[Unfortunately, for you, Julian, I accept no cowards so if you want to be my host you're going to have to put on a suit full of determination and competitiveness otherwise I have no use for you]

The depressed goalkeeper slowly took the ball out of the blowing net and rolled it on the floor to the surprised Julian.

[Julian, you can tell what the goalkeeper is saying,right?He trusts you, he trusts his teammates, he is showing his determination to win the game, but what are you doing except from whimpering around and crying like a little baby.]

Julian showed a grave look.

[Julian, I'm not trying to slate you, I'm trying to advise you, that's the reason what I'm here for...So trust me and your animated teammates a little more and then you'll get the best out of us.]

Julian's face seemed to glow brighter and brighter after each word.

[You and I know, times like this call for a king-someone who can lead the pack to success;someone who shows hope even in the darkest of moments;someone who encourages not only himself but his comrades who are fighting the same war he is.]

Julian understood the gist of Omega's words and his face changed back to the determined and brave warrior who stood there only a few minutes ago.

[Now, I'm not telling you not to be proud of your own skills but being too cocky will hinder your own skills. Look at some of the best talents in the world who were hindered by the cockiness, for example, Robinho.]

Julian was never the past Julian, he had changed...he had changed from the past him who was self obsessed and arrogant into a leader of men and a hero for the masses. Determination oozed out of his body boosting the morale of him and his teammates and furthermore slightly scaring the other team.

An arc of pure mischief appeared under Julian's nose.

"Let's get this show on the road"

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Brazilian Ronaldo lays the ball off to the resolved Julian who this time, did not lose the ball to the little magician but did something much more spectacular.


Cheers could be heard from the crowd as Julian nutmegged the surprised magician, causing the latter to fall quite severely onto the floor. This only boosted the cheers of the crowd and in doing so, increased Julian's morale. Julian then passed the ball to a tall striker, by the name of Van Nistelrooy, who held the ball up against an aggressive Desailly , waiting for the Brazilian Ronaldo who was already making a charge on the wings. The ball was perfectly lofted and fell elegantly onto the the phenomenon's shoes who later zoomed past the stunned Roberto Carlos. A small figure then could be seen in the box , frantically waving his hands in the air,screaming for the ball to be played to him.

Julian's POV:

Time seemed to have slowed down as I watched the feather-like football flying in the air representing the form of a bird. I gazed with anticipation for the ball to come to me, such as when a boy yearns for a new toy, and it seemed the missile pass was truly heading for me. I readied not only my foot but also my mind and body repeatedly telling myself I could do this as the ball fell lightly onto my feet as if it actually was a feather. An echoing sound was present in my ears as the ball darted straight into what it seems like was my target. Whizzing as if it was lightning, the ball passed a certain white line and hit a certain white net. Waves of happiness and success hit me as I screamed in delight, celebrating like a mad person. I had scored. I had scored my first goal.

Narrator's POV:

Sounds of cheering and screaming filled the stadium as a loud voice shouted the one word Julian wanted to hear.


[YES,KID! You did it, I told you-I damn told you that you could do it. However, as stated before, don't get too cocky otherwise you'll face the consequences]

Julian nodded to Omega's words and stopped the celebrating and sorted the formation once more with his AI teammates. He planned to counter attack and doing this by hopefully stealing the ball off the little magician by pressuring with a double team. What Julian forgot was that he was forgetting another god-like talent in their team. Someone who could change the game at his will.


As planned, Julian and another player, by the names of Ruud Gullit pressured the little magician who was currently holding the ball. They forced him many directions and made him unable to do anything to pass the ball. Then for the next plan, a player of Julian's team,to be exact Emmanuel Petit, was to block the pass made by the little magician and start a counter attack with Julian in the middle. However, they underestimated the passing talent of the little magician and the ball ended up in a spotty and tall young player's feet.

"Oh ffs"Julian cursed in his mind.

Yes. The ball ended up in a legend's feet;someone who was comparable to the little magician himself. This player was in the future, possibly the most popular athlete in the world. His name was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Julian's POV:

"You've got to be joking. I know this was a test made up of all the legends as academy players but did you seriously have to put Messi and Ronaldo on the same team. Like why? What was the purpose of that?"

[So, the test wasn't easy]

"The test was already hard with Messi on the team, but now you've added Ronaldo too,I'm afraid it's going to be a nightmare...Wait...Don't tell me they have Pele and Maradona too?"

[No, they don't but are you seriously going to give up now?]

"Who said anything about giving up, this is just made me feel more exhilarated, I'm playing against some of the best football players this world has ever seen. Who wouldn't feel pumped?!"

[You were literally shitting your pants like 10 minutes ago]

"Yeah, Omega, but I've changed;I've hatched out of my cocoon and have become something new;something great"

[I can agree with you that]

"Wow, that's the second time you've agreed with me"

[And it won't be the last]

Narrator's POV:

Julian conducted a staring contest with the spotty boy in front of him but neither refused to back down. Both were filled with determination and courage in hope that they can bring the win home with them. The air around them seemed to have dissipated and scattered away as if if it was fleeing from the battle which would take place and the grass on the cold hard ground shivered uncontrollably signifying it was terrified. The silence and stare between the two boys continued until one of them made a move.

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