43 Meeting My Idol

I think the best thing for me right now is not to have an agent; I don't have anyone I can trust neither do I think it's essential at my time of career. Plus, I believe I can fit all the sponsorship meetings, deals and whatnot into my schedule. It won't be too much of a hassle if I plan well and anyways, everything in this life doesn't have to be about football, right?

"I do wish I can complete this sponsorship mission immediately; I am dying to know what the Mission Rewards are; hopefully, they're something amazing which can bolster my football game to the next level. Hey, it's not like curiosity killed the cat."

[You do realize you do need to get the sponsorship deals first]

"Yeah, obviously, I do! I'm not that stupid! But I do wonder...what can quicken the arrival of a sponsorship offer? Interviews...tv shows...the newspaper? Ahhhhh, I don't know!"

[How about you ask your teammates? They could possibly set you or help you achieve a sponsorship deal; that is the popular and more recognisable faces of the team!]

"Yeah, I didn't know about that, Thanks, Omega, I'll do...it...right now..." Julian said as he looked through his cellphone contacts only to see none of his teammates number or name were there; the idiot forgot to ask them.

[You forgot to ask them, didn't you?] Omega said, laughing to himself at how forgetful and clueless Julian was.

Honestly, it was always a fun time with Julian for Omega, the system either laughed with or at him...mostly at him.

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"Shu-shut-up I'll do that in the next game, plus it's not that bad, they should've asked me first seeing as I just joined the team. Actually, yeah, it ain't my fault" Julian reasoned, trying to shift the blame onto his teammates, making Omega laugh harder than ever before.

The system couldn't even respond to Julian, it couldn't let a word out under all its own laughter.

Unknowing of this, Julian seriously thought on ways he could get a sponsorship quicker. He couldn't think of one, therefore he proclaimed to himself to do as what he always do and that is to play to his best in football!


It was now the time of the Manchester United vs Juventus game and the two teams were already lining up to walk out of the tunnel; both were as eager as the other to win this game; it was the quarter-final and although this was a presason tournament, a trophy's a trophy.

"Let's do this!" Julian said, trying to pump himself and get as ready as he could for the game; he didn't want to lose this game otherwise he would not be able to accomplish the Main Mission which was to win the European International Cup.

Whilst the young Englishman was jumping around and as a whole, looking like a massive idiot, an iconic tall Frech football player appeared on his left; one of the only football players in history to revolutionize the whole game and act as a massive inspiration to all the aspiring kids around the whole world.

Zinedine Zidane.

Julian didn't even realise one of his icons was only standing a meter apart from him until he heard the latter speak...with a very heavy french accent.

"Hello...well if it ain't monsieur Julian!" Zidane said to the stunned Julian, froming the best english he could.

Julian, shocked and startled, to hear a familiar voice turned his head around to meet the very person he wanted to meet the most during this preseason tournament.

"OMG! It's Zinedine Zidane! Uhmm-uhm-uhmmm" Julian stuttered because he was so esctatic and stunned.

I mean, who could blame him?

It's FRICKING Zinedine Zidane.

"I'm a huge fan, HUGE FAN of you, I knew you played for Juventus and I knew I would get to see you but still looking at you in person is still just so mesmerising. Could I have an autograph!?" Julian spoke in fluent French, getting his act together until he started...acting like one of his own fangirls.

"Oh, you speak french?! And also,yes, you can have my autograph after the game!" Zidane asked Julian with a bemused expression

"Yes, I do, I speak many languages, 12 to be precise" Julian stated, with a head getting larger than it had ever been before.

"That is very cool, maybe we cou-" Zidane was interrupted by a sharp whistle, which irritated Julian.

He had just got to see one of his idols and now one single stupid whistle was stopping him; *sigh* hopefully the two could talk after the game.

Julian's hope was answered.

"Let's talk after the game as friends! As for now, we are enemies! Comprendre?"

"Comprendre" Julian responded with a beaming smile, he would be able to display his talents against his own idol; what else could he wish for.

Well...he could also wish for a starting spot?




But he got it this time!


"I will be starting Julian and Cole at the striking position today, any objections" Alex Ferguson stated to the sitting Manchester United in the changing rooms, who obviously did not object to their manager, knowing it would hurt his pride as a football "legend".



"Let's get this show on the road!" Julian exclaimed as he walked out of the tunnel into the bright light.

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