36 Love & Romance

Micheal POV:

As I saw the young superstar talent named Julian King,the player I hated with a passion, score that wonder of an overhead kick; a goal easily worthy of the best goal of the year; my body was suddenly filled with a bucket load of fear, warning me...as if I was entering a dangerous zone...as if I couldn't turn back...as if the King of the food chain was looking at me as some sort of weak prey.


I would not bow to anyone, especially Julian King;someone who had everything gifted to him, someone who was born with such inhumane talent, someone who did not have to WORK LIKE I DID... someone who did not know the pain and struggles that people like me had to face...


Narrator POV:

While a certain Liverpool midget was seething with unknown anger towards Julian, the latter was replaying the gorgeous goal he had scored in his head, beaming with a smile which happened to entrance anyone who laid their eyes on the delicious sight; especially an extremely cute and innocent girl who unbeknownst to Julian, had developed a major crush on him after their first encounter. An encounter which was only a few lines between the two...

Jennifer POV:

As I was playing around in the VIP box, not caring about the football game which was taking place, I watched and heard the boring, monotone sound of the announcer announcing that Manchester United had just scored; the goal was scored by a player named Julian King.

Uhhh...cool. Don't know why my dad is celebrating so much. To be fair, I never really got football although I sometimes helped out at the games because I had nothing else to do because my father was very strict ; hey I know it's just extreme love but I still want to enjoy the normal life all the rest of the teenagers have.

Walking to school together with friends, playing around with each other, messing around...


NO!Not boys! UGH! My daddy said that all boys are monsters who will take advantage of you; now tell me, why would I date a monster? Wait...doesn't that mean daddy is a monster too? I need to ask him later...

Anyways, I still do have a plan for the boy I'm going to marry in the future; he is going to be a charming prince who will come to save me from the devil who is my step-mother; he will arrive to save me in a dashing white suit proclaiming "Jennifer, I love you, I'll save you from that demon's hands" and he obviously will be way different from all the other monster boys with their putrid disgusting smell and spotty faces. And guess what? I already know who he is! His name is Julian King! Awwww but isn't he sooooooo dreamy with that youthful but extremely handsome face and his tall height which makes him seem really like a prince. He's making me blush and feel giddy just thinking about him.


Did the announcer announce his name?

Did he score?

Or am I just so in love?

There's only one way I can answer these questions! I slowly and shyly stepped out of the VIP box, not wanting to meet the eyes of anyone outside; I was a massive introvert; I had next to none contact with the outside world. While battering myself with questions in my head, I made it out of the VIP box and my eyes met the most gorgeous angel I have ever met in my entire life.


He was smiling and giggling like a giddy little kid which was definitely the most cutest thing I had ever seen in all of my small life; he looked like the most pure angel I had ever seen! There's no way he was a monster like dad said all boys were!

While fantasizing about all the scenarios of me and Julian in my head and squealing to myself, I heard massive cheering and high-pitched screaming from my left.


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And they seem to have also been bewitched by Julian's inhumanely attractive face; I could tell from all their blushing and finger-fiddling; they were all extremely pretty and beautiful too...

But still, I will not let any of them take my prince away from me no matter how pure and divine they look; he's mine; only mine.

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