21 Let me show you me at full power!

When Casillas saw Julian head the ball outside of the goal,he quietly laughed inside as he remembered the few egotistical words Julian spouted out before saying he was going to score against him.

However,this jolly and cheery smile planted on Casillas's face flipped on the other side as he watched a small figure underneath all of the traffic sneak into where the ball was headed.This same figure gently tapped the ball right in front of Casillas's eyes who could do nothing except stick his hand out in a futile attempt to save the ball from crossing the white line...which obviously didn't work since he was on the other side of the goal. As the ball rolled past his hands,he heard a blaring noise from high in the stands;words which he obviously didn't want to hear as a goalkeeper.


After watching the ball so easily travel past him,Casillas slumped on the ground with his head down-disappointed that he couldn't have saved the shot.All of a sudden,a tall shadow appeared in forn of him.

"I thought you were going to save it big guy"

Casillas lifted his head up to see the same player he was trifling with standing in front of him with his head swollen to the max.This intensely irritated Casillas. How could someone be so big headed and self obsessed?How could someone be so proud of himself?How could he boast even when he didn't score?Casillas refused to lose against a type of person;he could only lose to people he respected and people who were deserving of such praise.

"Let's go again"Casillas said as his teammates helped him from the ground while he glared at the smirking demon in front of him.

"We'll see.It depends if you can actually make me go at 100%;right now,I'm only going at a miserable 50% if you want to know"

{He's only going at 50%!What a monster!NO!It doesn't matter!I still won't lose!}Casillas thought as he refused to back down-a worthy challenge to the king.

"Go at 100% and you still won't score a goal!"

"HAHAHAHAHA!It seems you've got some spirit;as a reward,I will accept your challenge.


"Trevor,what do you make of the Manchester United win over Real Madrid"a commentator's voice could be heard.

"Well,Jon,let's just say that it was a complete thrashing!"another voice could be heard replying back to the past voice.

"I couldn't agree with you anymore"the sound commentator's voice could be heard once again.

Julian sat in the ice cold bath with a self conceited grin on his face while listening to the BBC Radio commentating about the Manchester United game...which only got larger from the next few sentences.

"What a performance from the Manchester United team but one particular rookie stood out for us,didn't he,Trevor?"

"Yes,Jon,we all know who this player we are talking about right now but if you need a quick update on the information,it was the rookie by the name of Julian who put out an amazing performance for his debut...YES DEBUT!"

"A future star in the making?"

"Certainly,you can tell that was not a lucky/flukey game for him-if anything it looked like he was holding back!"

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"Holding back,you say!?You should be nicer to the Real Madrid Players and fans!"

"Sorry,Jon,but when a young star such as him suddenly bursts onto the scene,it's hard not to compliment him."

"Talking about young stars,what do you think of the young Portuguese playing between the sticks for Real?"

"He has a very promising future,which can be clearly seen from his fantastic performance of saving 6 shots which were all practically unsaveable. It's just a shame he let four goals in but what could he do?He was playing against an impossible force such as Julian!"

"It seems that you like Julian,Trevor!"

"Well,it's not everyday a debut player scores a hat trick with an addition of an assist"

"You're quite right,Trevor,you are quite right"

Julian couldn't help himself feel extremely proud and boastful;it was always in his blood.Plus what was more satisfying than proving a person wrong and then later on hammering them,causing them to feel depressed and depraved-just what was more satisfying?


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