17 Late to Training

A lone boy could be seen slumped in a massive bed...shouting vulgar language into thin air spouting word such as...


[HOW IS THIS MY FAULT!?You should have set an alarm,you idiot,don't blame it on me]

"But you're the one who always wakes me up...unless...you did this ON PURPOSE!"


"I'm going to fucking kill you;you made me late for my training...MY FIRST FUCKING PROFESSIONAL TRAINING WITH THE STARTING TEAM!"

[As I said,don't blame it on me]

Black lines appeared on Julian's forehead and steam escaped out of his ears.

"Who else is there to blame?!"


"What did I do!?"

[Not set an alarm]

Waves of red filled Julian's face as he grit his teeth in frustration at Omega's sarky comments.

"We've been over this before;YOU HAVE TO WAKE ME UP!"

[You shouldn't rely on me that much...plus you might want to hurry up-look at the time]

Julian turned his head around and numbers he did not want to see came into his eyesight.

"SHIT!It's already 10:30,I'm going to be late!"

Yep,he had training at 11:00.

45 minutes later.

Heavy breathing and pants broke out of Julian's mouth as he finally arrived at the training grounds.

"I'm going...to...get you Omega...after...this"

[Bitch,I'm an AI]

"I'll...find...a way"

Even though he had unhumanlike stamina and speed,Julian was still shattered by the severe amount of running he had to do...and also the onslaught of disturbing comments he received from Omega.What he didn't know was that he would experience a far worse onslaught later on.

5 minutes later.

Julian ran onto the pitch in the illustrious Manchester United Kit and his classic Nike boots,as he had not received a sponsor yet, under the watchful gaze of the Manchester United players and the demon standing in the middle conducting their hellish training.

"WELL,WELL!If it isn't Julian King,the number one prodigy in the world but also surprisingly the number one latecomer!"

Julian tried to forge an excuse in his head.

"Sorry Mr Alex,there was quite a lot of traffic on the way here so it took me longer than expected"

A smirk lifted on the demon's face as he stared at the pleading boy in front of him.

"Last time I knew it,you weren't allowed to take your driving test before you were 17 let alone be able to drive a car"

Julian remembered he was only 16 and cursed himself for giving the shittest excuse known to man.

The smirk lifted higher and higher as the demon watched Julian hustle in agony.

"I guess I'll be lenient towards you as it is your first training session"

Flowers of happiness bloomed all across Julian's face.

"So I'll give you a punishment of running 50 laps,playing goalkeeper the rest of the training session and also cleaning the toilets...they sure do stink"

If people went from zero to hero,Julian just went the opposite;in his mind,the hero had just been defeated by the demon king in a vain struggle to win using cheap tactics.He had just been pulled right back into the depths of hell...but...there was nothing he could do about it...he was his Manager.

"Off you go,then"

The surrounding players watching the scene had a sorrowful look planted on their faces as they gazed at the small dot running in the distance;they had experienced the same thing.

"Damn you,Alex,damn you"

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"10 years later"

Julian had just experienced the worst trauma he had to face in his lifetime;running 50 laps was easy for him,playing goalkeeper was challenging but due to him being 4th step/10 already on the book it wasn't that hard...however...the toilets.Piss and wet tissues enveloped the floor with vomit surveying the kitchen sinks...but still...that wasn't the worst part of it.That disgusting brown goo was everywhere:the door handles,the ceiling,the toilet seats even the bloody tap.It followed Julian wherever he went,preventing him from gaining even a single moment of peace...and the stench...don't get me started with the stench...it was revolting...so revolting...it caused Julian to puke a heavy load.

"I'm definitely coming to training early next time"

[Yep.You should.]

"Shut up,Omega,this is all your fault"

[You always find a way to blame it on me.]

"Yes because it was your fault"

Omega tutted to itself as it reminded Julian of something very important that he mustn't forget.

[You shouldn't be worrying about who's fault it was,worry more about the big game coming next week]

"Oh yeah..."

Julian remembered the game which was scheduled on the July 28 against the world dominant team containing some of the best players in the world.He was pumped.He was excited.


He was going to play.He was going to play his first game.He was going to hopefully win his first game.

But against who?

"Find out next time on Dragon ball Z"

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