15 Last Academy Game

[Well,I'm generally not surprised. You've been training like a madman these past 4 years,even at school or even on the holidays:the time you have to rest.]

"But still...aren't I already one of the best football players in the world,if not the best?"

[Well,R9 is a notch above you,but apart from him,you are better than everybody else]

"No wonder why at the academy games,the manager and owner were intensely staring at me as if I was a prized possession"

[It seems your luck stat has also come into play]

"Exactly how?"

[What do you mean how?You're playing for Manchester United,the team who has won the premier league three times already in the past four seasons and who also went on to win the glorious treble only two years later.You,an already overpowered player,is going to be playing for an already overpowered team.Just how fair is that to the world of English football?]

Black lines appeared on Julian's forehead.

"Yeah!Tell that to Messi,he was also an amazing player who graduated into an already amazing team.Why don't you ask him the same thing...wait,"Nothing could be heard except from the loud screaming of Julian's mother"how did you know about Manchester United's trophies?You said you've never been in this world before so just how is that possible?"

[Well,I read your memories.]

"Yeah but I had already quit football at that point and didn't indulge in either my favorite club or their games"

[Bro,you literally watched most of/all the games of the 1997 season]

"Shut Up!That's not the point.I don't remember ever knowing they won so how do you know?"

[Maybe because you happened to be drunk the night you celebrated,causing yourself to lose your memories]

"You're lying!"

[I'm not]

"You're lying!

[I'm not]

"Then show me!"

[Here you go!]

Julian watched an holographic video of his young self lying on the floor on the path with vomit the color of his present face spewing out of his gaping mouth.

"Get that out of my sight!"

[Honestly Julian,I'm disappointed in you]


[You shouldn't be drinking alcohol under 16!]

"You literally sound like my mum"

[Yeah!And when did your drinking lead your mum to?]

Julian tried to open his mouth but could not release any words as a face of defeat showed on his face.

[Look Julian,you've heard me say this before;I'm not trying to slander you,I'm just trying to help you...help you become a better person]

"Thanks System,I needed that...and for your inquiries...I have stopped drinking"

[Now tha-]

Omega was interrupted by a scream which seemed to come out of the queen of monsters.


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Sweat drizzled down Julian's neck.

"Yeah...I'm definitely not drinking"

30 minutes later

Julian arrived at the grounds of the Manchester United Academy with his head held high and an excited expression shown on his face;gleaming with happiness that he will start a new adventure.

"Let's get this done with"

Julian walked onto the emerald green pitch,taking in the air of where he played and trained for the last 4 years for the last time.He gazed at reminiscence at the buildings he passed and some of the staff he had come to like such as Mr.Smith and Mrs.Wilson. But that wasn't the only thing he was distraught about...he had to leave some of his teammates...his friends.

All of a sudden,he heard an undeveloped voice behind him creeping into his ears.

"Well,if it ain't "Pretty Boy" "

Julian turned around to find the image of a slightly tall attractive Asian boy by the name of Jaehyun obstructing his path.

"Jaehyun,what do you want?!"

Jaehyun faked a crying expression which caused the two to laugh.

"Just wanted to see my best friend before he graduates into the professional team"

A teasing tone escaped Julian's mouth.

"Ahhhhh...Jaehyun wants to see his best friend before he gets moved up into the professional team...ahhhh...what a good friend"

Jaehyun payed no mind to Julian's comment and started walking off to the pitch where the academy game against Arsenal would take place.

"Ay,wait for me"

15 minutes later.

"So,you know the game plan,right!?"a loud commanding voice could be heard.

"Yes Coach Simpson!We understand!"

"It's been a good long ride kids,I hope you know that I loved my time with you,"sounds of melancholy could be heard from the athletic tall man."You've been a great team and no matter what happens today,it won't change my feelings!SO GO SHOW THEM WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF!"

"YES COACH"the teenagers responded with a fighting spirit emanating from their voice.

They would not lose this game.They would win it.They would win it for their coach.

90 minutes later.

It was an utter defeat.

"So weak.So boring"Julian walked past all the Arsenal players left slumped on the floor with tears dripping out of their eyes.

The score ended at 9-1 with Julian bagging a very respectable score sheet with 4 goals coupled with 2 assists and a remarkable display.

A memorable voice entered Julian's ears.

"Well,Well,if it ain't the hot young superstar by the name of Julian King"

"Yes,it is Sir Alex"


Oh shit,he hasn't been knighted yet.

"No,I meant Manager Alex"

"Oh,you had me there for a minute,kid,me become a sir?That's blasphemous;it will never happen"

(How ironic is this)

"Anyways,I have come here to tell you to meet me at my office tomorrow at 6:00 pm as we need to discuss your contract and finalize the deal..."Julian just stared at the Manger weirdly."don't get me wrong kid I would have done it today...but I have a very important meeting with the owners so it will be impossible"

"That's okay,Si-Mr Ferguson,I'll come by your office tomorrow at six o'clock"

"That would be very helpful,Julian,I'll be waiting"

(Was Alex Ferguson ever this polite?I thought he was a very rough and strict man unless that is his attitude only on the pitch)

"Julian,we really must hurry up"

"Sorry Mr Ferguson,I have to go home now;I've got school tomorrow"Julian responded with a tired and sad face.

"That's okay,Julian,you children do need your education.Bye,I'll see you tomorrow"

Julian scurried off to the approaching black SUV with an expression of joy written all over his face.

"Baby,how was the game?"

"Yes,Dad,it was amazing"

Julian's dad looked towards Julian with a worried expression,wondering if his son got through.If he didn't then he was here to comfort him.But that was not needed.

"Dad,I got through!"

(Thank God)Julian's dad thought.

"Well done,Julian!Today we will be having your favorite:Lobster!"


Julian was extremely happy now;he had just been told that he had completed his lifelong dream and on top of that gets to eat lobster.Could life get any better?

"Your Mum will be cooking it aswell"

Julian's face changed as if he had just fallen from heaven into hell.


His Mum was the worst cook known to man.

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