25 Kidnap?!

"Mr King, how does it feel to debut for your club and more importantly how does it feel to have scored an hattrick on the day" a loud voice could be heard from the shadows at the back of the room.

(WOW! An actual normal question!)

"Honestly, it feels great to have debuted...you know...the feeling still hasn't sunk in. Me, a young boy from the streets of Manchester watching the idols I love play football, am now suddenly getting to play alongside them...it's a dream come true. As for the hattrick...well...you could say it was developed by a fierce rivalry between me and the goalkeeper; we were at each other's necks at one point arguing between each other who'd save and who'd score. But all in all it was a fantastic experience to have scored a hattrick on my debut"

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(Wait! Did I actually say that without stuttering or getting nervous!?)

[Your leadership attribute's helping you not to get nervous and making you answer these questions in an eloquent tongue as you have just clearly been shown.]

(You've actually done something good for once Omega, I commend you)

[Ha...very funny]

"Mr King, do you have a girlfriend!?"

(Forget I said anything about normal questions)

"As of right now, no, I don't" Julian refuted to the silly old man who asked the question giving him a death stare in the process.

"Are you looking for one?" the ancient reporter asked once again, clearly not shaken at all by the stares he was receiving by Julian.

(I've got to say, this old man is an annoying one) thought Julian as black marks started to appear on his forehead.

"I can't say, Mr..."Julian questioningly looking at the old man.

"Smith, Mr King"

"Well, Mr Smith, I hope you do not ask me these sort of questions again as I will not heed them at all and only give you no comment. I don't mean to sound disrespectful but I do not want anyone forcibly prying into my private life! Thank you, next!" Julian commented calmly to the experienced reporter, leaving him shaken and astounded.

Silence enveloped the room as only wide open mouths and large eyes were present in the room caused by the shock Julian had just created.


Who knew of a 16 year old kid who could talk like that?And so calmly?

"Ummmm...sorry...Mr King...I won't do it again" the reporter answered, still clearly shaken from the contrasting image Julian had just presented. I mean, who wasn't?

It's not everyday you see someone as young as that giving the impression of being incredibly mature and also incredibly responsible; something which thoroughly enticed the female and some male reporters and viewers.

After that small incident, the press conference passed like a breeze with no silly questions asked, leaving many reporters sad as many came in order to catch an interesting story; something they thought would be easy as they thought this 16 year old teenager would be naive and immature.

[Well, Julian, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be]

"Is that a compliment or what?"

["I cant say"] Omega responded, sarcastically repaeting what Julian had said before.

"Shut Up, Omega!"

Someone's POV:

I was told by Mr Ferguson to bring Julian back to the dressing room after the press conference; this made me excited and ecstatic as I would be going to meet the young hero of the night who had scored an hattrick. Maybe I would get an autograph too! So while walking to the press conference, I quickly called my wife and boasted on how I was going to meet THE Julian King- something she responded with "Who?" and "Why?".

I didn't expect her to understand.

As I was nearing my destination, I heard loud bursts of shouting aimed at someone called "Omega"; a weird name may I add. Due to my curiosity and nosiness, I searched for the owner of these vulgar words, leading me to a place near the press conference. Weird...very weird...

Only a door seperated me from the deafening shouts and swearing which seemed to have only got louder and louder, infuriating me as the person was making too much noise; I couldn't find the Julian because of this.

"WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP!" I screamed as I opened the wooden door-also opening the face of a young man into my vision...yes...the young man I was looking for.

Julian's POV:

All of a sudden, while me and Omega was arguing, a tall buff middle aged man burst into the room where we stood shouting, startling us and nearly causing me to die of an heart attack. It was just so random and quick, my brain had no time to process what was happening. I seriously thought I was going to be kidnapped.

"Don't hurt me!" I shouted[like a wimp]putting my arms in a futile attempt to surrender.

However, all the strange man did was stare at me weirdly with a confused and broken expression on his face as if he had just seen the devil.

(Was I that ugly?I thought I was considered extremely handsome)I thought to myself as my heartbeat slowly detoriated.

The strange man then slowly broke the silence.

"You're Julian King, right?"

"Yes...I am..." I answered frighteningly, literally not knowing that I had superhuman strength and that I could easily beat the shit out of the person standing in front of me.

For some reason, the strange man, all of a sudden, then presented an expression of sorrow and if all his hope was lost. I wonder why?

"Follow me...Mr Ferguson wants you back at the changing rooms..."the strange man barely let out.

Oh, so that's what he was here for, thank God; I thought he was going to kidnap me!

"Okay, I'll be going" I said to the man, while walking past him at a very quick pace.

"Strange Man's"POV:

Are you kidding me? That's Julian? Even as a Man, I've got to say, he is damn hands-wait...I'm not gay though...but am I?NO! I've got a family with a wife and kids!

"I'm not definitely not gay!I'm deinitely not gay!I'm not definitely not gay!"I shouted to myself repeatedly as I also furiously slapped myself, convincing myslef I wasn't some sort of pedophile or a homosexual.

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