10 I will not lose!

Julian's POV:

The spotty boy,also known as Cristiano Ronaldo,stood in front of me with an expression of unwavering determination. I was slightly petrified from his gaze but I quickly regained my confidence as I responded to him with a hard gaze of my own. All I could hear was the grass flailing in the ear and the ominous cheering from the crowds but still my eyes were dead set on the boy in front of me, smirking at me with a face full of pride and confidence.

[And to think that was you only a few minutes ago. You've changed,Julian,you really have.]

The stare between the two of us carried on until spot-faced made a skill move which I would never forget the rest of my life.


I had just been rainbow-flicked.Not only rainbow-flicked but passed so easily it was as if I was thin air. I turned around with a shocked expression only to see a taunting smile planted on spotty boy's face. He was mocking me. He was laughing at me...laughing at how inferior I was to him and probably also laughing about how his rival,the little magician,was nutmegged by me. It was written all over his face that he doubted my skill, doubted that I had the talent/effort to become one of the best.

"Yeah, that's right, I don't have the talent to become one of the best,"I muttered as I stared at the grass billowing under me.

"I'll become the damn best!"I shouted as I ran after the spotty boy at speeds which could break the sound barrier.

The spotty boy dribbling the ball in front of me showed an astonished expression and desperately tried to pass the ball to his teammate but we both knew what the outcome would be.

I had stolen the ball.

I had stolen the ball from the grasps of that demon himself and now planned to make a counter attack. But, just like me, the spotty boy drove from behind me like a Lamborghini in attempt to snatch the ball. I calmly stopped the ball, making it so that we were both at eye level again. Sparks of electricity passed between our eyes as none of us showed the initiative to back down.

"That's better!"

30 minutes later.


The score was tied at 2-2.

That, however, wasn't what I was concerned about. I stared at the young academy player panting crazily and gasping for breath right in front of me.

"Seems like I won,spotty boy"I spoke with a face full of glee and pride.

"No,you haven't,"the spotty boy spoke in his mother tongue as he forced himself to stand on his two feet."I'm still standing!"

I was petrified and shocked by the immense compassion and love the boy,in front of me, had for the game.I had to tip my hat to him for this one.

"We'll see,spot face,I'll destroy you in the second half!"I spoke back to him in his mother tongue.

The System was taken back.

[Wait,you can speak Portuguese.]

"Yeah, I can actually speak 12 languages: French,English,Spanish,Portuguese,Japanese,Chinese,Latin,Hindi,German,Italian,Dutch and even Greek"

For Once, Omega was the one playing the role of being surprised.

[This numb skull knew 12 languages...oh my god...don't tell me he can also fly?!]

A sharp ring coursed through the stadium, signifying the start of the second half. Adrenaline once again pumped through my veins and the excitement of playing football with some of the greats overfilled me with confidence and pride.

[Kid, you should be proud of yourself, you have forced the AI to use 50% of their skills]

My face suddenly turned ashen.

"Only 50%?"

Narrator's POV:

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[Yes!What did you think?! You really thought that they were playing at 100%;if they were you would have already been demolished ,Julian.]

Julian stayed quiet.

[Julian,these are the best football talents in the world,you having not played football for a whole 22 years professionally should be glad you have forced the AI to have used this much of their skills. If this was anyone else, I'm afraid they would have already crumbled under the pressure.]

Julian just nodded and said a few words which deeply shocked Omega.

"Set the difficulty at 75%!"

Omega couldn't believe what he just heard.

[Sorry,what did you say?]

"You know what I said, Omega, set the difficulty at 75%"Julian persisted.

[Yes I know what you said,it's just...WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU SAYING!?Julian, you are basically handing yourself a death wish...you shouldn't do this.]

"Omega, have you ever heard a phrase by the names of "No pain,No gain"

[No,never have]

"Well,you see,it's a common phrase used on Earth which states how people cannot improve unless they strive for the most difficult objectives instead of choosing the easy options"

Omega listened in awe and complete silence as he heard the words which escaped out of Julian's mouth;he was learning something new.

"You may think it's easier to take the easy route but I don't;I will take the route which I know will boost me the most in my football skills no matter how hard the challenge is"

Omega thought to himself"This really is a new Julian"

[Okay,Julian,I understand,but since you are facing more difficult opponents, I have decided to up the rewards gained from completion of the trial.]

"Thanks,Omega,thanks a lot"

[Shut up,I never meant to help you,you baka]

What a TsunTsun.

HalfTime kicked off and two players were seen having an imaginary battle with their piercing eyes.

"Come on, then spot-head"

The little magician kicked off, passing the ball to a rapid winger by the name of George Best. The latter then sized up his man,Patrick Vieira, and used his skillful footwork to get past him paying no attention to the defenders surrounding him. But, no one knew this was what he wanted. He released a cunning smile as he chipped the ball to a certain spotty boy, waiting behind the box. Before Julian could have any say in the matter, the ball had already ended up with "spot-face"who rocketed a shot from outside the box into the top right corner. "Spot-face"then ran past Julian with a mischievous smile and celebrated by taking his top off,a thing he would do repeatedly in the future,revealing only skin and bones.

Laughter occupied the stadium as Julian's team gawked at the spotty boy celebrating in front of them. It was just too funny. The boy had no muscle, he had nothing except from a few bones and skin which looked as if it was barely holding him up. The boy felt embarrassed and ran to his half of the pitch,however still buzzing that he had scored his second goal. But someone else wasn't buzzing. Yes, that someone else was Julian.

"So,that's how you want to play"a demonic smile crept up Julian's face.

40 minutes later.

Huff.Huff.Huff.Sounds of heavy breathing and repeated panting filled the air as two players were seen staring at one another once again. Yes, those two players were a young Julian and Cristiano Ronaldo.

"I will win this game,you damn spot"

"Yeah,like in hell, you'll win this header over me,you midget"

"I ain't no midget,I'm only at least 3 cm smaller than you, that's not much of a difference"

"Yeah, 3 cm away from my waist"

"You want to fight!?"

"Yeah!Let's go then!"

Verbal abuse was followed by verbal abuse as the two young players spouted nonsense at one another. The surrounding players near the cause of the scene turned their head away from the verbal onslaught and held their hands to block their face to signify they were embarrassed.

"Shut Up, you two! Stop acting like spoiled children"a referee could be seen shouting at the two young criminals.

"Umph!"the two boys turned their hands away from each other and focused on something which was way more important than their argument.

The score was tied 3-3 and Julian's team had a corner.

This was Julian's only chance.This was where he had to score.

He tussled against "spot-face",only focusing on the trajectory of the ball in the air. He didn't notice the devilish smile the kid next to him was pulling as he felt a big shove come from behind his back. He turned just in time to see what happened. The kid had fouled him in broad daylight.

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