6 I'm back to...

Yes, his father had a very rare disease called a son complex.

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Julian's father rushed to Julian and embraced him in a tight hug whilst crying "MY BABY! How are you feeling!? Are you alright!? Have you ate well!? Do you still need me to change your diap-"

An uppercut aimed for the unexpected Dad can be seen coming from the small boy's arms as a face full of fury and rage was present.

"DAD,SHUT THE HELL UP!I ain't a baby and I DON'T wear diapers!"

"YOU'RE STILL MY BABY!Plus,you shouldn't act older than you are."John questioningly stared at Julian's mum."Emily,there's nothing wrong with Julian,so why'd you call me here?"

"John, you should've seen him 5 minutes ago, he was ranting on about how we died from some terrorist attack called 911 and how he actually was 37 years old"Emily stopped for breath."He also keeps talking about dying and being in heaven and hell."

John worryingly glanced at his son. He had just been in a agonizing meeting with some other companies and when he first heard his son was having some mental problems, he felt like breaking down under all of the stress. But, he didn't have time for that, he had to get back to his mansion as quickly as he could to make sure his angel was all right;and when he first got here, he believed he was. He looked perfectly fine. However, after hearing his wife, Emily, he didn't know what to say;she wasn't one to play around and was straight to the facts. So, he couldn't help feel extremely troubled and concerned when the words came out of her mouth.

John sat weightily onto the bed.

"Julian,are you sure you're feeling well? You've been acting very strange lately."

"Dad, I'm 100% sure I'm alright-i mean, just look at me"Julian got out of his bed and started randomly doing one fingered press ups on the ground.

A key note, Julian, when after his parent's death, managed to get even fitter due to all the products and training he used from his company/business.

Julian's dad looked mind-boggled by his son's sudden outburst of push-ups, wondering how on earth he got so fit quick.He was no sports expert but from the sheer power of his son's arms, he could tell that his son had abnormally strong muscles;something which contrasted heavily to himself-the stick figure, as they'd like to call it. He knew the amount of effort and work his son achieved in order to pass the Manchester United Trials but even so this was a complete overkill. But, what he didn't know was that his son was sent back into the future.

John looked heavily onto Emily and she did the same, it wasn't a gaze of love or affection but a gaze of wonder and concern.

John broke the silence.

"Julian and Emily, i would love to stick around however I have some work to do for the business/company."He stared piercingly at Julian."Julian, get better quick, after you do, I may go on that football trip you wanted if I have the time"he ruffled Julian's hair.

"Okay...see you dad"Julian was surprised by the sudden quick change of events-his father turned from a doting parent to a serious parent in a matter of seconds.

"Honey, I hope you have a great time while on your trip. I'll miss you"Emily went over to Julian's dad and kissed him fully on the lips.

John lovingly gazed at Emily's beautiful emerald eyes and she did the same, staring into his eyes which portrayed a sense of power but also a love for his family.

"Bye, sweetheart.Bye, John"

The door shut and only silence prevailed over the two figures in the room.

"Julian,sweetie,I'll be downstairs,call me if you need anything. Mummy will be there whenever you need me"

"There she goes treating me like a child again. Mom,I'm fucking 37 years old"Julian thought.

"Okay, Mummy"Julian flashed his brightest and cutest smile at his Mum which nearly caused her to squeal like a little girl and die of a heart attack.

*Cough*Cough*"Okay...sweetie...you rest now"Julian's Mum closed the massive door as she walked out, leaving a lone child on the floor.

Julian's POV:

What was that all about?Bloody Hell, I thought my parents would know more about me but it looks like they know nothing. In any case, I should probably search around Heaven and get myself adjusted to the place.Julian stood up and scanned around the room, finding many things which happened to be in his past life.

"WOAH!SO COOL!It seems even after I died,Heaven has managed to keep all my childhood belongings."Julian picked the Sega Master System."Oh, those were the days,sad they ended up in the trash in my old life."

Julian walked around the room, reminiscing about his past life.

"WOW!They even have my past balls."Julian spotted the array of colors on the side and picked one certain ball up."The 1990 World Cup Ball signed by Andreas Brehme, what a legend he was"

Fact: Andreas Brehme scored a late football penalty for West Germany to beat Argentina in the 1990 World Cup Finals.

Julian's back started to ache.

"Oh, I feel like shit, I think I should go have a wash and then meet "Mummy" downstairs."Julian then walked into the bathroom and spotted himself in the corner of his eyes in the colossal bathroom window.

"Whaaaa...whaaaa...WHAT THE FUCK!"

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