23 Hi!My name is introvert!

"Jennifer!?"Julian looked flabbergasted at the woman he loved standing right in front of him with sportswear all over her body and a simple yellow bib.

"Sir,you have a press conference"Jennifer said back to Julian,obviously not knowing the thoughts and feelings processing within his mind.

"Okay..."Julian responded,still gawking at Jennifer and looking back at her every few times while walking off.

"Weird...how does he know my name...but i don't really mind...he was really handsome after all..."Jennifer muttered to herself while blushing profusely,not realizing that her future husband was just 50 meters away from her.

While walking to the press conference,Julian tried to take in what just happened;I mean what would anyone else do.

He had just met his lover.He had just met her again.He gained a second chance.

This time he would make her his.

[Bro,that's weird...]

"What do you mean?"

[She's 14...she's under aged...]

Julian spit a mouthful of water while listening to Omega;he wasn't necessarily wrong though.

"Omega,I'm not that type of guy.Even if I got together with her at this age,I definitely wouldn't have sex with her even if she wants to;I am a man who abides by the law"

[Says the guy who hacked other people's computers in order to acquire porn]

Black marks appeared on Julian's forehead.

"What could I do?The porn I was watching was dull and boring so I had to search for better ones and my "friends" had the resources"

[The fact that you don't think it's bad makes it all the worse.]

"Shut Up,Omega!"

[I swear you say that all the ti-]

A voice could be heard from behind Julian's back.

"Ahem,Mr Julian"

Julian turned around in order to see a man in a black suit staring at him with eagle eyes.

"Yes?!"Julian questioned,not knowing what was happening.

"Can you please follow me?"

Julian became apprehensive against the strange man,taking up a fighting stance.

"Don't worry,sir,it;s only the press conference!"the man said in an extremely frightened manner.

But what else could he feel?

Julian,in his past life,had took many fighting lessons from the best fighters all around the world and the fruits of training was clearly showing here as he exerted an atmosphere which was choking for the man.

"Oh,I see"Julian said as he turned his blood lust off,easing the horrified man.

[Jennifer literally reminded you a few minutes ago]

"Shut up,I forgot"

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[You mean you were too excited and shocked by her sudden appearance that you forgot you had a important press conference;your first one]

"No"Julian refused to agree as his face turned red,which instantly lightened up all the ladies' faces in the room as he was just too cute.

[Don't lie to me,Julian,I can read all your lies;I am connected to your thoughts and feelings after all]

Julian's and Omega's little argument was then stopped by the same man,who was now sprawling on the floor cowering like a little kid.

"Ummm...sir...you have...a press...conference"the man released the words shakily;he was still scared beyond reality.

"Yes,yes,I'll get going"Julian replied as he started to trace his steps to the room where all the devils hid with their flashing cameras.

The same look which appeared on the man's face suddenly opened up on Julian's face...he forgot he was still an introvert.

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