22 Flashback


A whistle blared all around the stadium,signifying the start of the second half;and also the beginning of Julian going at 100% much to the pleasure of the Manchester United fans.

"Andy,when you take the kick,pass the ball to me-I have a problem with their stupid goalkeeper so I want to show to him who is the better player!"



"No...I meant rookie..."

[Seems your Leader attribute is on a craze this game]

"Seems so."

The English striker walked to the ball planted right on the centre in a slow and steady manner,justifying whether he should pass the ball to Julian or not.

However,his views changed as soon as he saw the fire hidden within Julian's eyes when he turned around to face his team;something he was like when he was in younger years.

(Oh,whatever!I'll give him a chance!He did assist me after all)Andy thought in his head as he rolled the ball gently to an awaiting Julian.

(I won't disappoint you!)Julian telepathically said to Andy Cole as he took control of the ball positioned right under his feet,staring directly at the young Spaniard,who was far away,within the goal.

"You just fucked yourself,amigo"

10 minutes later.

Julian certainly disappoint.

The score was now 2-0 to Manchester United with around 30 minutes to go...and also with Julian scoring an unbelievable goal from at least 35 yards out,shocking all the players and fans in the process.

But what other feeling could they feel?

A player on his debut has just scored a goal which is bound to win the Puskas Award and possibly also win the best goal ever.It was just that good...

"Rookie...what the hell..."a stunned Andy Cole could be seen with his mouth gaping widely at the goal Julian just scored.

"Uh,that's so annoying,I thought it was at least 40 yards out,that's a massive bummer"

All Andy could do next was just widen his eyes at the young player in front of him who was complaining that the goal was not to his satisfaction.If this was anyone else,Andy would've laughed hysterically but it was Julian...the Football King.

[It seems you are using Rocket Shot]

"Yeah and Accuracy"

Omega sighed.

[Can't you calm it down?Won't it be weird if a 16 year old player who has just debuted score 3 goals from far outside the box?]

"Yeah...but that Casillas pisses me off!"

[There's no hope in you kid]

He wasn't wrong.

Julian in the next 30 minutes obliterated the whole Real Madrid Team,even chipping Casillas much to his delight and their dismay.After a while through the second half,it was quite clear to the spectators that Real Madrid weren't going to come back which prompted many to leave but they couldn't.


The spectacle that Julian was creating was just too awe-inspiring;it didn't matter if you weren't a fan or if you were you would be lost into the performance he was performing.

It was just like if you were at a circus.

It was crazy.It was mad.But it was entertaining.

In fact it was so entertaining,that that day Julian gained the nickname "God of Entertainment"-a common name used by the masses.


"It seems it's already the end,how does time past by"

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The surrounding defenders who were desperately gasping for breath looked at Julian as if he was a madman;he had just ran everywhere for a full 30 minutes late and not even sweat appeared on him.Just how was that possible?

While the Real Madrid players were brooding about their loss,one certain player was lying slumped on the ground with his chests heaving up and down,staring at the beautiful skies of Spain. This player was Casillas.

"Good game"Julian commented as he walked over to Casillas,offering his hand to pick him up.

"Gracias,good game too.You weren't lying you had me there"Casillas answered back as he grasped the hand Julian offered.

"So did you.What a save,I've got to say!"Julian said as they both laughed about the game-signifying the start of a friendship between the two.

After talking for a while,Julian said his goodbyes to Casillas to go grab the match ball from the referee;his first one but certainly not his last.

"The start of a Legend!"

[You mean,the start of the biggest obnoxious self centered twat in the universe.]

"Shut UP!"

A small figure could be seen behind Julian,staring at him weirdly as he shouted at Omega;which however looked insane to the figure as it seemed Julian was talking to the air.The small figure then spoke up:

"Sir Julian"

Who the hell just called me sir?I'm only 16 years old,what the hell!?

"Yes!?"Julian asked as he turned his head in order to see a gorgeous young woman standing in front of his eyes cladded in sportswear.

"You've got a-"


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