44 First Time on the Losing End


The game is still tied at 0-0 and to everyone watching, it was unclear who was the better/ favourite; none wasn't performing any more greater han the other.

This was also the case for Julian.

The Mancunian wasn't able to make much impact in the game, with only a few dodgy plays and shots which were quickly blocked by the astounding defense of Juventus which consisted of two Italian greats in Gianluca Pessotto and Paolo Montero.

However, he wasn't frustrated and kept his calm; his recent games have shown to him that he needs to stop being so impatient and angry if they are losing or things aren't going his way.

You could say he has finally matured.

But that wasn't enough.

The ball was in Juventus's possession, primarily with their best and star player, Zinedine Zidane who was confidently progressing onto the United midfield, with a confident gleam in his eyes which demonstrated that he was no way near afraid of their challenges.

And afraid, he should not be.

The skillful Frenchman easily weaved past not one, but three of the United players, before then hurryingly advancing onto the defence who already seemed to be crumbling.


The sound of the ball echoed from his feet as he displayed ballwork which would put even the best of the best to shame, it seemed like he was aiming to dribble past all the defenders...this would be hard even for an astounding player like him.

But, this was not his plan all along.

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Instead of trying to dive right into the battlefield without any armour, Zidane floated an impeccable pass over all the stunned defenders, who could only watch as Alessandro Del Piero ran in from behind, perfectly controlling the ball on his left foot.

It was known the magician could use both his feet.

With so much space in front of him and with the defence trailing, picking up his dust, the Italian striker calmly dribbled the ball to the goal before just as calmly as when dribbling the ball, placed the football into the bottom left corner where an unfortunate Schmeichel could not do anything.

"GOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!" the announcer screamed, clearly buzzing and happy, it was at their hime turf after all.

Screams and cheers could be heard roaring around the stadium, whilst the Juventus players were celebrating.

However, still, surprisingly, this did not dishearten Julian at all, instead he felt confident and wanted to share this positive energy with his depressed teammates.

"Guys! It's only one goal! We can get back into this! Come on!" Julian shouted at them, pumping them up. His leader skill was clearly his most used skill.


It was now half-time...

but the score had changed.

Juventus had managed to bag another, with an insane volley from Filippo Inzaghi, who demonstrated why he was one of the best strikers in the planet.

Not feeling powerless or scared, Julian walked into the changing room, feeling ready to rise to the challenge. This was only solidified by a very "inspirational" speech from the raging captain.

"Why the f*** are you all looking so down for?! We are down 2-0 and you all are crying like babies! Don't also tell me you want your mummy to come here and "kiss you better" because if I hear you do, I'm going to f****** drop y'all! Now, man the f*** up and let's play dirt-sorry, let's show them who Manchester United are! Let's show them that we ain't losing to some Italian todgers! YOU HEAR ME! Manchester United, on three...1,2,3!" Roy Keane shouted at all the players, demonstrating his leadership and unmatched desire to win the game.

This is why he was one of the best; he possessed toughness and determination like none ever has seen before.

Talent could be taught but this could only be learnt.

Feeling rejevunated and with full confidence and spirit, the United team walk back onto the pitch, raring to go and win this game no matter what.

Just like their captain said, they would not lose to some "Italian todgers".


Cole quickly passed for the kick-off to an awaiting Julian, who could be seen eyeing his idol dead in the face; he would get past him!

"We have finally come face to face!" Julian exclaimed.

"Come on kid, give me your best shot" Zidane shouted at the kid, arrogantly challenging him to a duel.

Although this did not infuriate Julian, it did slightly annoy him.

No matter how good Zidane was, he would always be below Julian but here he was making it seem like the outcome was inevitable and that he would steal the ball off Julian.

It seemed Julian would have to teach his idol a lesson or two.

And so the world-shaking talent did, quickly dribbling at pace to the Frenchman so the latter could make a mistake and open his legs.

"Nutmeg" Julian exclaimed.

This all happened in one sequence, leaving a gaping Zidane who could only watch as Julian sped past him.

Only a few seconds, he arrogantly challenged the youngster thinking that he would easily take the ball off of him but instead of the latter being embarassed, he was the one to be shamed...with a nutmeg aswell!

Unknowing of Zidane's current emotions, Julian continued his march towards the defence, taking two out of the equation with a cheeky one-two between him and Cole.

"JULIAN!!!" Beckham shouted on the wing, trying to gain Julian's attention.

His efforts were quickly answered with a lightning-paced pass directed towards him which he successfully controlled.

Dribbling and looking at the box, the young playboy could not see anyone in the box until...

he saw a tall figure sprinting at the speeds of a cheetah, desperately calling for the ball.

Yes, it was the very person who passed him the ball.

Wanting to reward the player back, Beckham passed one of his signature crosses right into the boy's foot which...



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