19 First Game;First Goal?

Raul passed the ball back to the awaiting Seedorf,the other rookie who had a calm expression stuck on his face.

"They're young but they're still future legends.This is going to be hard."

[Says the one with a talent of SSS+]

Julian ran up to Seedorf and tried to read where he would pass,sticking out his foot in an attempt to do so;but Seedorf was clever and one step quicker than Julian,passing the ball outside to a small Brazilian by the name of Roberto Carlos.

Was Julian scared?

Not really.

"Andy,go pressure Roberto!"Julian shouted to a an average height black striker on his right,demonstrating his immaculate leadership skills.

Even though Andy Cole was much older,for some reason he felt the need to listen to Julian's commands and instructions;what he didn't know was Julian's attribute(Leader) was coming into play.

Cole pressured Carlos into passing the ball back to Hierro who was spotted just above the white box,waving his hands and shouting Carlos's name in an attempt to attract his attention.

Julian caught onto Carlos's idea and darted between the two to block the incoming pass. What Julian didn't however catch onto was Carlos was only putting up a feint which worked taking Cole and Julian out of the equation.

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Julian was not only flabbergasted at his sudden move but also pumped up and excited.

"Looks like this is going to be fun"

30 minutes later.

The score was still stagnated at a miserable 0-0 with none of either side scoring a goal. However,even though the score remained the same,it was clear who was dominating.

The Red Devils held a massive possession of 67% with 14 shots attempted and 10 shots on target which could only be stopped by a fantastic performance by the young Portuguese between the sticks. On the contrast,Real Madrid held a shy possession of 33%...with no shots on target.

But what could they do?

They didn't have a heaven-defying talent by the name of Phil Jones...I mean Julian King.

Julian stared at the young goalkeeper,who was only a year older than him, standing firmly between the sticks.

"Iker Casillas is literally still the same annoying agile twat who saves everything ffs. I've had about 5 shots going at the top right corner and the cunt has saved them all"savagely thought Julian as he thought of more and more insults.

[Get good then.]

"Omega,shut up,you're not the one playing football and you're definitely not the one who has to deal with some stupid shithead saving all your shots"

This got Omega angry.

[Yeah!?And I'm not the one moaning when there is a corner about to take place which I could possibly score from because instead I'd rather complain that my opponents are too good and just give up]refuted Omega in a sarcastic tone.

"I guess I asked for that,didn't I?"

[You damn fucking did.]

"I guess I will take your word and focus on the corner then"Julian contemplated as he turned his head in order to see the same person who was teaching him at the start of the game standing there.

"Well,come on Becks,give me your best shot!"Julian shouted as he ran into the box staring at the flying ball in the air.

In Julian's eyes,the ball got bigger...and bigger...as it traveled through the air at the speeds of light;it got so big in fact that it just managed to end on his head,the right spot too.

Now where did you think the ball went?

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