16 Contract

In a large room riddled with trophy cabinets full of trophies and pictures of all time great football players,sat a young man talking to an older man who created an impression of control and leadership.

"Julian,the first question I'm going to ask you is do you want to play for this club?"

Julian's lips were shut tight;he did not know how to respond.

"Look,young man,your talent is simply exceptional and I sincerely believe you could easily land a spot on my team but I want to know whether YOU want to play for my team or not"

Julian's face changed into awkward expressions but still... he stayed silent.

"I'm not forcing you or anything,I just want to know if you want to play for Manchester United or if you don't. If it's the latter then all we can do is watch you go but if you decide to play for us,we'll be over the moon...It's not everyday you sign the next best football player in the world"

Julian winced at his comment then finally opened his mouth.

"Mr Ferguson,ever since I was a kid,I've always had a dream to play professional football...especially for a certain club.This club is very dear to me as it lifted me when I was at the lowest of moods and at a breaking point of my life"

"I see"Alex Ferguson responded with a shaky voice.

"So I'll be joining your club!"


Alex Ferguson was extremely surprised;the words which came out of Julian's mouth suggested he would be going somewhere else but here he was...telling him he was going to play for the club.

"I mean YES!Julian,you won't regret this choice,you definitely won't!We will become the best team now,we will become the best there ever was"

Julian quietly laughed at how passionate his Manager was,contemplating whether he should play a prank saying he changed his mind just so he could see his manager's crestfallen face. But he didn't. There were more important things to do,

"So,Mr Ferguson,can we discuss the contract now?"

Mr Ferguson went from his excitable mood back to his serious tone.

"Yes we can"

1 hour later

Julian was walking from the Manchester United grounds with a massive arc planted at the bottom of his face. He had become a professional footballer. He had become what he wanted the most...with a bonus of a crazy salary.

[I knew Manchester United were rich but...damn!£35,000 a week when the highest right now is £30,000 a week...bro...that's an overkill]

"Omega,Roy Keane's going to smash that record in about 3 years,he's going to be earning £52,000 a week.Then it will be Sol Campbell,who's going to be earning a staggering amount of £100,000 a week...that's nearly 3 times the amount of mine."


"Plus you have not seen the amount the future players earn;a player called Neymar's going to be clocking in £600,000 a week in about 20 years."

Julian then thought to himself and berated Omega once again.

"And I am already the second,if not the best footballer in the world right now so Manchester United giving me the highest salary is understandable."

[Yeah,but you're only a recently,I mean very recently graduated player so why are they already splashing the big bucks on you?]

"To keep me in the club!"

[Ah!I see]

"Finally,after all that nonsensical explaining"

A screech of tires could be heard.

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"Julian,come on,let's go!"

At least she's not cooking today.


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