27 Confession!?

As soon as they arrived at Manchester Airport, Julian's father came to pick him up alongside his mother and other friends and relatives such as his Auntie and Uncle.

"Julian, you've grown so much" a small and stocky woman, shouted running up to him with her hands stretched far and wide, scaring him immensely; it was known his mother and auntie, though they looked entirely different from each other, shared a talent in painful hugging.

"AHHHHHHH!!!" Julian screamed as his athletic body was wrapped around easily by the small monster in front of him, earning many sympathetic looks from his uncle and other viewers of the crazy scene.

This evil torture only ended after a few minutes, leaving a dishevelled and broken Julian lying on the floor as if he was an innocent girl who had just been raped; well it wasn't much different.

[I actually feel sorry for you, for once]

"Thanks...I really...needed that" Julian sarcastically barely let out; all the face rubbing and hugging squeezed all the air out of him.

[Seems you're still cheeky]

"Not as much as-" Julian was interrupted by the sound of a young girl behind him, calling his name hesitatingly and quietly, causing him to turn around...only to see what he didn't want to.

Who was this girl? Was it Jennifer? Why did Julian not want to see her?

"Julian...nice seeing you...again" the extremely gorgeous girl stuttered whilst putting her hands in an attempt to cover her blushing face. .

This was exactly what Julian did not want.

"Ahhhhhh...nice seeing...you again...Emily" Julian answered back whilst feigning a forced smile on his face, trying to cover the clear shock and unhappiness on his face before.

Julian's POV:

Why is she here? Why did she have to come? Curse you Mum!

Right in front of me, stood my angel-like childhood friend in a pretty floral dress staring at me with rosy cheeks, fidgeting repeatedly and quickly; something which I really didn't want to happen, something which I clearly wasn't looking forward to.


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"She was obsessed with me. She, like Jennifer, loved me in my past life...but her love was different...it was creepy and overprotective...full of suspicions. Omega, if you don't understand what I mean you will come to later-there is a word which you use to describe these sort of girls...Yandere.


"Yes, these girls are labelled as such...they're girls who won't let you out of their grasp...girls who will go to extents such as murder if you weren't theirs...if you weren't their posession.

[Bro...this is going deep...plus...she doesnt even look evil...she looks innocent and gentle...I can't imagine she's like that]

"That's what I thought when I first dated her, but I quickly changed my mind after the first few days where she would constantly stalk me; something she defined as loving and caring."

[Seems like you've went through a lot with love and relationships]

"That's only scratching the surface, Omega" Julian finally muttered to himself, forgetting all about the girl and the others standing in front of him.

"Julian?" Emily questioned worringly whilst slowly walking to the crouching Julian.

"Yes!?" Julian shouted terrified; however his parents and Emily's thought he was just nervous and embarassed because he loved Emily...something she also thought.

"Oh... you're..making me blush..." Emily held her hands to her face whilst muttering quietly, but still loud enough that the viewers could hear making it seem as if Julian had just confessed to her, causing masses of shouting and clapping to take place, especially from the two's parents trying to get the two together.

"Wait...what...what's happening?" Julian questionably looked at the cheering crowd then back to Emily.

"I think they're trying to tell us to become...become...a...a couple..." Emily stuttered heavily whilst becoming a red tomato in the process.

(Mum, Dad, ffs, can't you see that I'm clearly not interested in her, FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!) Julian thought to himself as Emily dealt another attack of words.

"That's what we will become, right?" she looked at the crestfallen Julian with big puppy eyes and an expectation in her eyes, pressuring Julian into saying yes; this exact scene had happened before...but this time Julian would not let this happen...but would he?

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