39 Be happy! You have been upgraded from trash to garbage!

Let's keep thing simple; the game ended 5-1 in favor of Manchester United,however, weirdly the main antagonist of the whole show had seemed to find his butt-ox back on the bench instead of being the one celebrating and shoving the win in front of all the opponent's faces. Yes, that person was Julian King, who was tiredly and lazily watching the game from the sideline, yawning every now and then.

But who could blame him?

The game did not resemble anything like a professional football game; if anything it was akin to watching a Sunday League team go against Barcelona. It was an absolute massacre!

Liverpool players were spread all over the field, breathless, exhausted, with bundles of sweat dripping down their already dirty clothes, only leaving dark patches on their legendary neon yellow kit. One of them even had this dark patch near their...crotch area...it seemed he had pissed himself...

Contrary to this, on the other side, the Manchester United players were all laughing and smiling, hugging each other, looking seemingly fine.

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Only one phrase could be used to describe this vivid painting; it was like watching the bridge between heaven and hell; on one side, you relinquished in glory and amazing treatment whilst on the other, you suffered immeasurable pain and suffering. And I'm guessing, you already know which team is where.

But enough of the chit chat, we need to get right back to the story.


(Omega, this game was easy; I really thought that Liverpool could make a better opposition) Julian muttered to Omega as he stared at the wide scoreboard which read out an embarrassing result of 5-1.

[Yes, even I thought they would be a tough match for you but I guess that they didn't perform to their expectations, how dissapointing!]

(I know, right? I was really looking forward to this game but instead of enjoying it, I feel incredibly pissed off. First, I started as a substitute which ticked me off a little considering my last performance, then a little midget tries to proclaim himself as better than me and lastly, I get subbed off FUCKING AGAIN!)

[Alright, calm down, partner, look at the bright side, you scored a stunner of a goal which is bound to be a very desirable competitor for the PUSKAS award along with the extremely long range goal you scored at Madrid! You ended with a stat sheet of a goal and a contribution in 2 other goals; that's very impressive.]

(Yeah but I want to push myself, I know I can; I could easily do better than that but-)

"Hey, you!"

Julian was suddenly interrupted by a small silhouette who came into his eyesight and fearing who it was, Julian started to curse in his mind which earned a few laughs from Omega.

"What is it, midget?" Julian said to Micheal Owen with a face clearly showing that he was annoyed and irritated already and demonstrating that if he pissed him anymore, he would rip his head off.

"Ummmm, welll, I just wanted to contragulate you on the win"


The normally proud and arrogant midget, no I mean, Michael Owen had finally understood who was his superior and bowed his head down. Julian, for once in his life, thought that this Midget deserved some praise.

"Well, thank you, midget, as for finally admitting that I am better than you, you have now been upgraded from trash to garbage. Feel proud, for you have earned this title." Julian smugly said to Michael Owen, unknowing that the latter's anger had exploded past maximum point.

"Julian King, you twat, how dare you mock me, next time we'll beat you" the midget (he had been demoted from his real name back to this) shouted, running off to catch up with his other teammates.

Silence occured...

(Well, as I was saying, Omega...wait...what was I saying again?)

[About how you could easily do better than that and that this performance was a joke?]

(Ahhhh, yes, well as I was saying, I do really feel I need to push past my limits. I know I'm one of the best if not the best player in the world but a player should never forget his roots otherwise it will lead to his downfall)

[I like that mentality but remember to not be too hard on yourself if you have a bad game, you're not always going to score or assist every game; there may be some games you are unable to do this; all you can do is keep your head up.]

(Wow, thanks for the advice but when did you become such a great teacher?) Julian said, smirking, shocked by Omega's maturity.

[Because I have to teach such a stupid student like you!]

Julian smiled, instead of getting angry.

[There you go, you're back to your usual]

Whilst the two were chatting, Julian finally remembered he had to go back to the Changing Room but before that, he had to congratulate all the fans around the stadium who had stayed till dark to watch the game. Honestly, their perseverance was very touching to him.

He clapped and waved at the fans, even giving a lucky few a signature and a photo; they would treasure these items forever; but he was even more kinder to a certain individual...


The frightened kid who he walked with at the start of the game stayed behind to watch the game and he was amazed by Julian's skills and leadership even though he was so young; he quickly became his favorite player and this was only solidified when Julian handed him his shirt and boots, obviously with the signature.

"Liked the game, eh?" Julian asked to James, smiling.

"Very much!" James responded cutely, getting a few awws from the crowd.

"That's good!" Julian, responded ruffling James's hair and then proceeding to walk through the tunnel to the Changing Room.

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