30 An Hectic Scene

With the remaining days until the important match started, Julian focused more on building a better relationship with his parents than on training and improving his skills. Needless to say, he still went to the Manchester United training and conducted AI matches within his pocket dimension, still getting a feel on how it felt to play on a professional level, especially with teammates.

Before he knew it, time flew by fast, leaving the present situation where Julian was sat in one of Old Trafford's changing rooms, listening to the tactics and game plan created by his manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

"With all those changes I had just discussed, I will also be making one more change, and that is Julian you will not be starting this time." Ferguson stated to a surprised and visibly sad Julian." Don't worry, kid, I'll be bringing you on later on the game...however, as for Julian's replacement, it will be Mr Ole, who will hopefully demonstrate the excellence he showed last season " Ferguson commented as the Norwegian striker stepped up, giving Julian a deadly gaze; the former couldn't understand why.

But something was peculiar about that gaze; it was as if Julian had felt it before.

Julian's POV:

That gaze of his...it seems like I have felt it before...but I barely know him...this is so wei-

Julian's thoughts were interrupted by the crisp sound of a whistle, signifying that it was time for the two teams to line up and go onto the pitch. Julian could still not forget his teammates' gaze, or specifically Ole's gaze, but he passed it off and like his other teammates, exited out the changing room only in order for a sea of yellow to enter his eyes. It was known that the Manchester United team would obviously be wearing their home colours and Liverpool would be wearing their away; it was a necessity as the two teams shared the same home colour; something the two also fought about.

"Well, if it isn't Manchester United!" an English youngster, by the name of Jamie Carragher menacingly stared at the Manchester United team, holding his hands over his mouth as if he was disgusted. Some of the Liverpool players also copied his actions, infuriating Julian...well...the whole Man United team.

Before the poor soul knew it, a figure of average height then appeared behind him, hitting him on the head, making the former to hold his head in pure pain, bringing a smile to Julian's face.

"Oy, Carragher, shut it!" Paul Ince, the captain of the Liverpool team, taught the youngster to not provoke another team and not to be so disrespectful before turning around and meeting face to face with Roy Keane; both shared happy expressions.

"Well, if it isn't Roy Keane" Ince pulled Keane into a "man" hug "how you doing mate?" Ince questioned.

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"I'm doing fine, I just got set the captain of th-" Keane was interrupted by a certain annoying brat.

"Man United scum!Man United scum! Man Uni-" Ince threw carragher behind him without looking back, clearly irritated that he had to deal with such youngsters; earning many laughs particulalry from the Man United youngsters, excluding Julian, who were also arguing with the Liverpool youths.

"Kids these days are so annoying..." Ince put a hand to his face before noticing the tall figure sranding right behind Keane."Well, who is this Keane? Introduce me" Ince asked Keane, who glanced behind him, in order to see Julian figeting profusely as he was not that much of a talker.

"Oh, him? His name is Julian and the reason you probably don't know him is probably because he just joined the team!" Keane responded to Ince, who was now getting hyper and eager, causing Keane's brows to converge"Ince, don't you even think of trying to sign him into the Liverpool, if you do, I'm afraid my mouth won't be doing the talking"

"Alright!Alright!Calm down!But seriously, you guys are so lucky, you get to have a talent like him; I saw your perfomances, kid, at the Bernebeau and my, was I impressed!" Ince showed a defeated expression to Keane before putting his hand onto Julian's shoulder.

"Thank-you-you-sir..." Julian stuttered; he was not the most comfortable in these kind of situations.

While Julian was being a plain old mess, Keane had somehow mind-read how he was feeling.

"Oy, Ince, leave the poor kid alone, you're making him feel uncomfortable" Keane commented to Ince.

"Okay, okay, I will...but kid, if you want a new team, come and ring m-" Ince was interrupted by Keane, who was clearly not letting this happen...something he showed by trying to fly kick Ince.

"Woah, woah, mate, chill out"

"I warned you but you didn-" Keane was then also interrupted...this time not by an angry Irishman... but by the sound of a second whistle, indicating that it was now time for the players to walk on to the pitch.

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