13 Am I OP?

"What the hell was that!?"

[Julian,you have just received the rewards for passing my trial. They have been upgraded due to you requesting to play the AI team at 75%]


Only silence can be heard.

After a while,Julian shook his head and telepathically spoke to Omega once more.

"I'm sorry,it's just I'm still a bit shocked about all this system and reincarnation crap...it's taking a while for my brain to process this information."

[Well,that does make sense,nearly anyone would've been freaked out if they had heard they had been reincarnated especially with a bonus of a system to help accomplish their lifelong dream. If I was in your place,I would've been in a far worse position.]

"Thanks,Omega,but what's all this about these books.I can understand the attribute and skill points as I have read them in multiple novels in my previous past life but I have never heard anything about acquiring books."

[You probably already know the reason why you have attribute and skill points but I will still tell you as it is my job.These attribute points are for you to upgrade,as in the name,your attributes.Your attributes and skills are displayed on a status page which can be brought up through the command of "Open Status";however if you want to you can change this command to anything else]

"Yeah,no thanks"

[As for these books,they are sort of like the martial arts books you see in those wuxia novels but as you can tell based around football]

"Hmmmm,I see but how they are similar"

[The skill books you obtain,such as the 4 you have just acquired from the trial,all have stages to them which can only be passed through the host's diligent training(cultivation) and frequent practice of the books or using items which can only be attained through the missions like the one you were set earlier]

"Okay,I understand but why did I also get a notification on grades."

Omega sighed.

[You're going to be here for a long time]

30 minutes later.

[The grade system is split into many grades ranging from the lowest of low,F's,to the highest of highs,SSS+'s.You have been kindly rewarded a world shaking talent of SSS+,the highest this world has ever seen. Bare in mind,the highest talent in this world's timeline is possessed by the two youngsters who you played in the trial,Ronaldo and Messi,with a mind boggling talent of SS+.While not as good as yours,their talent is nothing to be ashamed of,as I have seen from your past memories that they had come to be the best in the world later on.]the system explained for the 17th...no...18th...time.

Julian just stood there motionlessly,looking clueless and gawking at Omega in his head.

"If my talent is SSS+then why are all my skills only A+ and my overall grade S"

[Aish.Julian,this is about the billionth time I have told you this.Your skills are only A+ as you have only recently acquired the upgrade and also because,even if you are the best talent in the world,you cannot instantly master skills. You should be happy that you even have a grade of A+ for these skills,they are easily already on par with some of the best footballers around the world]

"WOW!That's so cool but why then is my overall grade an S.If all my skills are at A+ then surely I should have an overall grade of A+?"

[Your overall grade does not only take in account your skills,it also takes into account your attributes.Go check your Status Page to have a check on what skills and attributes you possess]

"How do I do that again?"

[(This retard)Just say "Open Status"]

"Okay,Open Status"


[Name: Julian King]

[Age: 12]

[Height: 1.65m]

[Weight: 50 kg]

[Overall Grade: S]

Physical Attributes:

[Agility: 60/100 (Very fast for a 12 year old)]

[Strength: 60/100 (Very strong for a 12 year old)]

[Reactions: 70/100 (Very fast to react)]

[Stamina: 70/100 (An actual machine)]

[Jumping: 70/100 (Is that Micheal Jordan?)]

[Appearance: 110/100 (Looks which have surpassed the laws of the Universe)]

Mental Attributes:

[Leadership: 70/100 (A Leader Amongst Men)]

[Charm: 80/100 (Such a Womanizer)

[Intelligence: 80/100 (Albert Einstein's son)]

[Luck: 80/100 (One Lucky Bastard)]

[Determination: 110/100 (Determined.Determined.Did I say determined?)]


Rocket Shot (A+)

Accuracy (A+)

Leader (S)

Magical Footwork (A+)

Football IQ (A+)

Kick and Run (A+)

Solid Defending (A+)

Vision (A+)

Curve (A+)

Set Piece Specialist (A+)


Goalkeeping: 2nd Step/10

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Defending: 3rd Step/10

Dribbling: 4th Step/10

Passing: 3th Step/10

Shooting: 4th Step/10

[Now you see what I'm saying]

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