11 All Up To Me


"Penalty!"the referee shouted.

I was utterly shocked.Not in a bad way...it's just...I knew it was a penalty as I had just been shoved behind my back but I still didn't think the referee would've been able to see it through the crowds of players covering his eyesight. But,nevertheless, I was filled up to the brim with joy.

However,someone particular wasn't.

"HOW!?I barely touched him,he just fell on the floor."complained a miserable spot in the distance.

"Don't argue with me,young man,I saw it with my own eyes."

"Old man, your eyes don't fucking work! All you can probably see is some blurry figures in the distance and one annoying bitch who fell down."the spot ravishingly commented."It's a wrong call and you know it"

The surrounded players and I were appalled by the sudden vulgar language the spotty boy spouted;it wasn't right to argue with a ref and it certainly wasn't right to swear and insult him right in front of his face.

It seems like this spotty boy hasn't lost his attitude from his past life...To think I respected him in some sort of way is just traumatizing to myself;this is some despicable action.

"What did you say!?"the referee showed an expression of raging anger and outrage.

"I said,you old man,that you're eyes don't FUCKING WORK!"

The referee had enough, he pulled a card out of his pocket,showing a crimson color right in front of the spotty boy's face.


The boy snorted and glared at me with a deadly glare.

"You fucker,I'll settle this with you later"

His ominous steps could be heard as he trotted off sulkily to the changing room,dissapearing as he was just an AI.

"I swear to God that guy is such a cunt"

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[You're not wrong there]


The volcano erupting within the referee had died down as he whistled to signify that it was the start of the penalty kick.

I glanced at my teammates but they all looked reluctant to take the shot so I willed myself,such as a leader would do , to go take the penalty.

"I'll do it!"

All the expressions on my teammates' face changed from fear and reluctance to a sense of relief as I walked slowly to the ball placed in the hands of the past fuming referee.

Sweat poured out of every pore on my body as the crowd and players watched me in utter silence,waiting in anticipation for what was going to happen next. I set the ball on the white spot of the penalty box;staring at the massive giant covering the goal in front of me. His body stood still,frozen eyes staring back at me like a predator hunting on his prey. Why was I sent to take the penalty? The incessant screaming and cheering reverberated around me piercing the dark,oppressive skies.

I blinked and gathered my thoughts.

How ridiculous of me!...to even think that that I shouldn't take the penalty...that I shouldn't be there where my teammates needed me the most.I live for these situations,I live for the thrill and excitement of the sport I love...I live for football.

I smiled at the keeper,shocking him in the process as he believed me to be have been shaken and terrified.

He wasn't wrong, I was still shaken and terrified but I knew I had to do this...I had to do this not only for myself but for my AI team;the teammates who were supporting me even in the smallest matter like huddling up with their arms around each other praying to God that I'd score.

I chuckled to myself. We had only known each other for only about 90 mins but here we were acting like best buddies hoping and praying for each other. I guess it was just the power of football.

I carefully and steadily retraced my steps back...I was to take a run-up. I glanced at the keeper and the goal,telling myself where I would place the ball.


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