24 Ah Shit,Here We Go Again

Julian walked into the press conference, shaking and sweating as if he had just found out he was pregnant;something which was obviously impossible due to him being a man.

(What do I do?What do I do?)Julian thought to himself as fright and nervousness could be clearly seen from his face.

[Why are you so afraid?You were a businessman in your past life-how come you're so scared?]

"Omega,I may have been the most successful businessman in the world but I liked to handle my affairs and deals in private and behind the shadows;normally it was my secretaries who handled them if they were in public"

[Still...you don't have to be such a worrywart; they're not going to bite you]

"Omega, you clearly have never experienced the wrath of reporters...with their stupid silly questions"

[Well...obviously...I'm not a human being...I never have been-]

"Don't state th-"

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Julian was unknowingly interrupted by a man in a black suit.

"Mr King, please sit here" asked the man in the black suit offering Julian the black chair placed right behind the podium"



Julian walked up the few steps towards the podium; each step he took felt like a lifetime to him as he clearly wasn't ready for the haul of questions about to be thrown at him. As he arrived at his destination and sat on the chair and turned around, only white flashes filled his eyes-with various numbers of men and women squatting down hiding behind their black cameras...staring at him with creepy smiles as if he was some sort of delicacy.

"Ah shit, here we go again!"

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